Quiet creative mornings...knitting a pixie hood hat and taking it easy!

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I love knitting with chenille yarn! This is yet another project that has been taking longer than expected. Had hoped to have this one finished before the snow and seeing it start to come down this morning motivated me to pick up the knitting needles again. Some people are surprised when they find out that I have so many different kinds of creative hobbies. Doing a little bit of everything keeps things interesting! This will eventually be a pixie hood style winter hat with tassels or braids on the front and because the recipient wants extra warmth it will be lined with fleece. I will be writing some sort of lengthier process post as it comes together...but for now this cozy scene is how my morning looked. Imagine a cup of hot chocolate...a fur baby purring off to the side and some random holiday movie playing on the TV.

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What brand of chenille do you recommend for knitting? I know quality varies.

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Bernat has the best chenille! <3

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Sounds like a nice way to spend the morning :D Mine is a bit hectic as I forgot that when the outlaws say they'll come over in the morning they really mean it XD


Hahahaha! Oh no! :D

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