Homemade Gifts for the Baby - Needlework Monday

2년 전

Today I have a different kind of Needlework Monday. These are some of the handmade items that people have made and given to our sweet baby girl. I just love giving homemade gifts for a new baby, so I really appreciate this kind of item as well!

This is mine and you can't have it!

This is a koala that a sweet friend who lives in Australia brought us when she came to visit. She said a friend made it for Kalana when she found out that my friend was coming to meet a new baby. Normally these look more like people and she uses them to tell people about how God knit them together, made them unique, and holds them in the palm of His hand. I love this!


Nana sat down today and spent three hours working on these for the baby. She made her four burp cloths and five paci holders! It was really nice to have these extra little items to use in the next few months! I love how cute they turned out! Nana leaves in two days, so it was nice that she took the time to sew these up today!


This girl loves her knitted blanket from my pastor's wife in Mexico City. When I lived there 16 years ago, the pastor and his wife became like my parents. They helped me through so much. They have watched our family come together and grow through the last years. I was happy to get this from her and Kalana just loves to put her fingers and toes through it and snuggle up!


My good friend who moved away from Panama last year sent this with her husband who came to visit. It's a really nice blanket that she made for the baby. I know she has been working on it for a long time and I love how it turned out. It's really warm and Kalana loves to use it.

I think it's so nice for someone to take the time to make a homemade gift. Do you ever send a homemade gift for a new? My go-to gift is usually a burper, bib, small quilt or something similar. I guess it depends on how much time I have!

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Awwww these are some adorable handmade gifts. When you’re a handmade artist you really have a special appreciation for things like this because you know how much love and time were put into them!

Your baby girl is just adorable and I’m so glad she has all of those sweet soft items to snuggle with! Looking forward to adding to your collection!! 😃

adorable, handmade gift comes from the heart. am sure the baby loves it.

The koala toy is very cute and the rest of the gifts are sweet! Love the blankets!

Such special gifts. That little koala is perfect. Warning... It is next to impossible to get rid of memories like these... Find a long term storage solution now, you'll be hanging on to them a good long while... At least until your baby has babies... Hahaha

So much cuteness! So much love and so much stories behind every handmade gifts. I have just rediscovered my passion for crocheting last year so I think I'll be mking handmade gifts for my loved ones this Christmas.

I love all the gifts your baby gets... I will stole your idea post, my baby also had some beautiful hand made gift...
Thank you for share I found your post at #needleworkmonday feature post

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I like homemade things and nice baby photography.