#needleworkmonday : A new crocheted hat

3년 전

I have been meaning to make myself a crochet hat for ages. I’ve had yarn and waiting time in the car, but as always, I have found it hard to decide how to make it without following a pattern.

I found a dark purple (plum) colour yarn in a shop called B&M which sells all sorts of things (literally) and it was quite thick so I thought I should make a hat quickly using that :D

I also found my crochet hook size 6mm - great !

I started with a magic ring and made 8 (UK) trebles (US double crochet). Here’s another video to clarify what I mean.

To help myself count stitches and knowing where I was going to put the increases without using markers, I used raised stitches. These have a specific name which is front post treble(or front post double crochet depending on where you are).

My Method:

  • First row : I did my ‘initial’ 8 treble stitches.
  • Second row : I did one raised stitch (or fpt) and increased one by making a treble in the same stitch. I ended therefore with 16 stitches.
  • Third row: I started with my raised stitch; I increased one and then crocheted one so I then had 3 stitches.
  • Fourth row : 1 raised stitch, increase one by crocheting two trebles on the next stitch and then the rest repeating this pattern.

I remembered to take a photo at this point. It's basically become a bigger circle with spokes - like a wheel :D

I only needed the raised stitch and then 5 stitches to reach my very big head width. This shows how thick the yarn was and how fast this project went :D

When folded in half the future hat looked like the photo above.

I then crocheted 5 rows without increasing. The hat was growing in length fast when I suddenly noticed I had little yarn left so I decided to finish (quickly) with a couple of single crochet rows.

Above is the photo of the finished hat. It probably took me three hours to complete and fits me really comfortably - even though I forgot to add that elastic thread to the final row of single crochet stitches !!

@jen0revision feels 'the beanie needs a pom-pom', but I’m not a pom-pom person and I'm unsure about calling it a ‘beanie’. So I researched the origin of the word 'beanie' and found it had a connection with a place not that far from here in Wales...

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, Monmouth caps evolved to look pretty close to a knitted beanie cap you could find today. These beanie hats were knit of wool by hand knitters in the town of Monmouth in south east Wales, because the sheep there, called Ryeland sheep, produced particularly high-quality wool.

That was exactly my point. The site where I got that quote is called 'beanie designs', but it says the word originates from a knitted cap. I feel this may actually be a bit of encouragement for me to try and find a pattern to see how it compares.

In any case, nothing will ever compare to my favourite hat, but it’s looking a bit ‘worn’ so I’m checking different styles to finally replace it at some point.

I really wanted a bit of texture and had noticed that ‘thick yarn’ hats are quite fashionable, but I’m not that keen on following fashion so I will continue to investigate options.

In the background of the photo above you can just see part of my ongoing experiments with that crocodile stitch… It’s actually lots of fun to do and photograph to catch the sculptural side of it :D

… I was in the car (waiting as usual) and it was a sunny bit of the morning.

work by @cryptocariad

With many thanks to @crosheille and the team for hosting us !

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I like your new hat--just enough texture. Great color, too.


Thank you, @fiberfrau... I particularly liked how fast I could make it so I can now continue with my other projects :D

I like the beanie style hat - lovely colour and the ribs are very stylish - and the finish is nice, too. I'm not sure about a pompom ... maybe a nice slide or brooch? Mind you, the 'old' hat looks nice, too. Crocodile stitch is great fun, isn't it? I took a crocodile stitch project to Poland, hoping to finish it while I was away, but it never came out of the case!


Thank you, @shanibeer . I hope you got really busy in Poland and made lots of contacts ! That's what that sort of event is for, 'networking' :D
The crocodile stitch uses up a lot of yarn actually !

Great looking hat but yeah I can see why your favorite is your favorite. Both look very nice.


Thank you, @steven-patrick ! The colour is unbeatable in my humble opinion :D

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Thank you for your quality post and for being apart of the needlework community!


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Thank you very much indeed for including my work this week, @needleworkmonday... :D


:) Thank you for your support and contributions to the community @cryptocariad!

wow, that looks so good :O
That's such a cute wool too.


Thank you, @ivan-g... It's very warm and because the yarn was so thick I finished quickly (win, win!)

The German name for this stitch is "Reliefstäbchen" - just like the reliefs in art :) I learnt it a year ago when I made a "waffle scrubbie", the stitch is quite easy and you can really make interesting textures with it.



Oh, thank you for sharing that photo - I am yet to make a waffle scrubbie, @muscara... I really like that fluffly yarn :D


It only looks fluffy - crocheting with it is hell. Knitting works because there the yarn doesn't tangle that much. I once made a post about this yarn, I think. It's available from Red Heart as well, the German company Schachenmair only imported it (and put it into smaller skeins).


😁 I remember @neumannsalva told me about it ages ago, but I still haven't bought any to try it, @muscara.

Purple is my favorite color, so I’m already in love! The raised stitches give the hat so much character, and I think with that hat, a Pom-Pom isn’t needed because it would be too much. Wow, I wish I could have three hours to sit and finish a project! 😁


Yay, it's great to see you back, @mrscwin 😁! I do a lot waiting around so I need to find activities - making things, reading, taking photos...

very interesting and it seems that it is not difficult to do. I never crocheted hats. you made me think about it. I hope you are comfortable in the new hat


It's actually very warm, @tali72 :D

I personally do not like the plain single crochet beanies, as I have a very small head (and a big body) it looks very strange. So I am with @fiberfrau: the new one with the ribs/cables is beautiful. I love the structure and the clean edging. And I also would not put a pompom on it, although I like them. I think pompoms are cute for longer/bigger caps were the pompom is not too dominant :-D (no dominatin to the pompoms... I am starting to write strange things... someone stop me please :-D)


:D I agree with you on the pom-pom choice, @neumannsalva ! I actually found a lovely take on a pom pom by a designer I like and I'm yet to buy a pattern from because I can't decide which one (and haven't got that much money anyway :D)...
The design appeared in Knitty recently :

From this designer I also like the fun 'gnomes' :D

Crochetiful beanie, me too I do not like single crochet beanie long time done. The front post nice add on for it is embossed, looks different from the plain one...

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Thank you, @jurich60... I find the acrylic yarn gets a bit 'flat and thin' and loses its warmth ! or it may just be me finding an excuse :D

I like your new hat @cryptocariad, especially the raised stitch. That is cool! And the colour is so pretty! I like your favourite hat too. It doesn't look worn to me, still looks new :) I have also finished my ski lodge hat after so long. Am going to post it in a bit :D


Thank you, @marblely - you're too kind :D
I will over to visit your blog shortly :D

Love the hat, and can also see why you love that favorite one! Crochet hats are the best! I think after the holidays, I’ll learn how to.


Thank you, @kimmac... Actually I've been thinking how I could make a hat on the knitting machine. I reckon it would have to be 'double' thickness.


I think I know what you mean by double thickness. I haven’t done one of those yet, but I have a friend who would like one. Hope you share how you make it if you do make one.

I learned something new again! Thank you. ❤
Pretty cool hat!

My excitement is building up on that crocodile stitch experiment you're doing! Can't wait to see the final product.


Thank you, @romskie... It was an experiment and I really should have started with a 'square' I now need to find a way of using it :D

the crochet posts always amazed me every monday on steemit, I just can admire your works because I love creative people. I like the last picture you have here @crytocariad, crocodile stitch? because it looks like crocodile skin pattern?


Thank you, @cicisaja... it's great to have you here. Yes, I believe that's the reason for the name of that stitch... it could also be called 'scales' stitch I suppose :D