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Howdy fellow steemians, crafters and needleworkers! Its Monday once again, time for everyone to share each others work of art in #needleworkmonday.

Four weeks ago, i wrote about making the crossbody bag. Its still a work in progress at that time.

It took me a month to finish my bag because i need to go to the city to buy the strap which I used for the sling. And I was able to go to the city last thursday only. I prefer to use the strap so it wont stretch down that much if we put heavy objects inside the bag. I sew the strap by hand to the wrong side of the bag so it wont be visible outside.

I choose black as the color of the strap to match the three colors. Then i used an overlap (what you may call it) as a closure because I thought it would be difficult for me if I put zipper on. Then I attached the button.

All stitches are in double crochet. What i had in mind when i started making the bag is to put tulip flowers but i changed my mind and just made it plain. Its my first time to make a bag. And its my first time to use tiny cord instead of yarn. At first, my middle finger hurts because the tiny cord is a bit hard compared to yarn which is soft. But after a while, the hurt is gone. Its just about getting used to it.

My cousin ask me if she could have the bag when i finish it. And of course I agreed to her. I was supposed to give it to her as a gift. But she insist to give me $6. So this bag is already sold. 😊

Thats all for now. Thank you so much to @crosheille , @shanibeer , @muscara and @marblely for needleworkmonday.



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The bag looks beautiful and durable and I find the strap a nice addition. I am not amazed you sold it instantly :-D
Your stitches are so neat - and the stitch definition of the yarn amazing. Therefore, your decision to use bold stripes is perfect.
Thank you for sharing.


hi @neumannsalva ..glad to see you dropping by.. thanks for the wonderful compliments you have for my bag.. I can guarantee, using the strap and the tiny cord..its really durable ..thank you so much ☺️

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Wow! Those stitches are gorgeous! No wonder this one got sold right away. ^__^


thanks @romeskie ..your works are great too..nice seeing you in my post.. thank you and Godbless

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The strap looks nice with the bag, so glad it sold even though you were trying to gift it!


hi @jamethiel ..yeah im glad i choose not to crochet the strap.. i refused to accept the payment but she keepa on insisting it. Its a blessing.

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pak na pak sis! naenjoy mo na pag gawa naging business pa on the side. need ko na talaga matuto niyan hehehe. ganda sis .


ooh nga sis..its worth a try..and get hooked hehe.. thank you so much for your support..i appreciate it sis..always ☺️

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Nice bag. That strap should be pretty durable.


hi @lordvdr ..yeah its really doubt..thank you so much ☺️

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Hello @dizzyapple and welcome

i found you through @paulag 's Redfish Power UP League.

The truth is that i don't know anything about bags but for sure i never saw a bag like that one before.


Hi @dragonblades ..oh yeah its my first week in the league ..oh its just a simple bag that is made by my humble hand..its my first time..thank you for the support..i followed you.. ☺️

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