Doubly-Warm Hat

2년 전

This is a variation of the hat I knit again and again. It is done quickly with two strands of Red Heart or I Love This Yarn worsted and size 11 (U.S.) circulars. I switch to my size 10 bamboo double points when I decrease at the crown. The stitch is 2x2 ribbing.

These hats are fast, warm, and can be adjusted in size by going up or down in multiples of 4 stitches cast on.


Tweed Hat--Use two different yarns held together

Reflective Hat--Use yarn with a metallic thread

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Colourful hat and lovely idea to have extra ones to hand for chilly guests.
How many stitches and how many rows?
Can you explain how you do the decreases at the crown?


Loosely cast on 60 stitches. Make rounds until length is 8 or 9 inches from beginning. I begin decrease round with k2tog p2 k2 p2. Then one round even, keeping rib pattern. Next decrease round I k2tog at the k ribs I did not decrease at first. 1 round even. Then k1 p2tog all around. Now the 2 by 2 rib is 1 by 1 rib. Finally I do a couple of rounds of k2tog all around and end by gathering up the few stitches remaining.

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Oh we are thinking / doing the same: I also just now posted a scrap hat made in ribbing pattern and in highly visible colors.
Yours looks great with the multicoloured pompom I love these hats.


I always have a basket of extra hats and mittens and scarves in my coat closet. If a guest looks cold, I will make them take some warm things with them as they leave. Emergency shelters also need hats in the winter, so I always have a reason to knit.


This is such a lovely idea 💕

One of the things i wanted to make is a hat like yours..or a beanie for my two little men..nice color..thanks @fiberfrau for sharing it to us. 😊

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I like quick useful projects. Great job!