Finally some knitting and crochet again

3년 전

It's been a whole while since my last #needleworkmonday post mostly since I took a pause from knitting and crochet. I can't find one of my metal needles so I used one metal and one wood, since I'm not a fan of wood needles, they get caught to the wool a lot. These are also my first crochet gloves, I looked for a lot of patterns but couldn't find one I liked so I ended up improvising and making just going in the round and approximating the sizes. Also the wool was very generously gifted from @cryptocariad, I bet it wasn't cheap, thanks a lot :D . I was actually planning on making gloves with fingers but decided it might be to difficult at first, maybe next time.


The gloves are hard to put on, mostly since -the material isn't very stretchy but they're really good as a first try.

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I love that you just started without a pattern. Often the results are great (or sometimes not so great) and we always learn a lot. If they fit and keep you warm you reached your goal ;)

Gloves with fingers are a bit tricky - I learned how to do them but don't think I will ever knit some. They are not difficult in the technique, but you have to knit evenly and get the measurements right etc. so that every finger is not too narrow and not too loose. Nope, not for me ;) What might work in crochet, too, are something like three finger gloves I knitted some weeks ago: more flexibilty for the fingers but not as fiddly as normal gloves.



Interesting but not my style xD
I think I'll be able to make full finger gloves, whenever I feel like making some again. Good job on yours :)

Well done on finishing the gloves, @ivan-g - they look very similar... I tend to forget to note where I make decreases on things so they're never the same :D
I also really like the scarf below - it looks very soft.
Thank you for the mention - it was a pleasure to send you the yarn! Often the yarn will give a bit in the first wash :D


The scarf is very soft and comfy :D I didn't exactly crochet in a spiral like I usually do, instead I crochet a circle, double crochet on top, chain 2 and repeat, so it's more like rings. Can't wait to find some wool to wash them with :D

Hahaha this is super cool... gotta love getting to use the things you make yourself :)


Tbh I prefer the making process,I do wear them ocasionally

Improvising mittens - wow - I perhaps would have made socks incidentially :-DDD But you did it and both look very similar which is not easy while improvising. If you need more stretch at the opening you could try to make some ribbing in crochet for example with frton and back post double crochet (if you already know this, pleace ignore my unasked advice)
And on the wooden hook/needle I am with you, no fun. Metal glides so much better.


Thank you :D Not sure how I'd do it but I get what you mean, the width is fine, just a bit on the tight side. Metal needle gang 😆


Yes I am very opinionated about my needles :-DDDD I love clover amour for crochet and addi lace long for knitting. I recently tried again to knit with bamboo needles as my tension is always loose, but ... nahhhh. Wood and wool is strange (for me)
And with the ribbing: there are three different methods (and variations) for creating ribbing in crochet, with front and back post dc , with slip stitch crochet and with sc back loop only
All will lead to a stretchy ribbing. I personally do not like slip stitch crochet, as it is not as stretchy as the other methods.
front post / back post

back loop single crochet

Hope that helps, perhaps for the next project :-D


Thank you :)

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