My Pants are too Large

3개월 전

I have a pair of new white pants that are too large for me. I have ignored them up to this point because I did not need a Nother pair of white pants. Unfortunately I spilled some red wine on my good white pants that fit me perfectly. 😕


So I decided to see if I could do a simple alteration to make the pants fit.


I took a-loose the waistband so that I could insert a piece of elastic in the waist. The end result is that the waist line fits, but the legs of the pants are still too large.


I will have to either take in the side seams or wear the pants baggy. I don’t like the baggy look because I am already very slender. I am going to try some other methods to see if I can get rid of the red wine stain in my good white pants.

I am going to try hydrogen peroxide to see if that makes a difference.

Have a great day!


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oh nooo, red wine stains are super annoying, especially on beloved clothes. Sadly, I have not advice for cleaning them, I hope you will find a solution.
And with the taking in of trousers... I have also tried this elastic method on some jeans, but I am not too pleased either, but not of the legs being too wide, but because the elastic got looser and looser with wearing.
If I were you I would perhaps tried to cut out stripes of fabric at the side seams, so that the waist and legs get smaller. But I have no idea if this could work on your trousers (because of pockets or other details).. Perhaps the red wine stains are a sign from the universe to invite you shopping :-D

Folex might work on the wine stain.

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