#needleworkmonday :: Holes no more!

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I have many pairs of socks. The only problem is, one in every other pair has a hole around the toes area. I blame it on my toe nails. They can be pretty sharp, even when they are cut short.

I don't usually discard socks, even when they are loose or holey. I keep them, hoping that one day, I can fix them or turn them into something awesome. Most of my holey socks, are still very much wearable, i.e. the rubber all around is still good and snug, except for the holes.

Most times, while it is okay to wear holey socks (unless you need to take off your shoes for some reason such as to buy shoes, then you'd better buy a non holey pair of socks to avoid embarrassment), sometimes, one of the toe would stick out from the hole and it hurts somewhat when walking due to the pressure of the sock around the toe. Usually, I will end up not wearing the pair of sock anymore until they are fixed or turned into something else.

Last week, during one of my Youtube surfing sessions, I came across this video by Thaitrick:

When I reached the 46th second of the video, it was as though Youtube knew I had holey socks to mend! The rest of the tips looked useful and easy to do too. Something to try next. I have so many garments with holes everywhere! Sometimes I wonder how did the holes came about. Hmm..

So, anyways, I was excited to give this method a try and my first experiment was my black pair of socks:

Oh, if you haven't noticed, today my Googlyeyes decided to join me :D

Here is the hole, up-close and personal:


A little conehead action:

And the stitching began, me trying to replicate the stitch shown in the video...


I don't think Googlyeyes were happy being stitched..

Towards the end, I pulled the string like a magic wand/string, to close the hole and voila!


Next, was my pair of "invisible" socks, the kind that hides in the shoe and no one knows that you are wearing socks. Bigger hole calls for bigger Googlyeyes!


And working the same stitch method:


And pulling the string like a magic wand/string..


~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

Happy or unhappy socks? Maybe confused :D


Snuggling closer together...


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lol @marblely you always making me laugh till it hurts 🤣
What an hilarious holey socks story you’ve builded up! Throwing a big “bravo” over there 🗣
I must admit I just discard them as soon as they can be googlyeyed 😝
Sending out my best wishes and hugs ❤️


Heheh thank you @drakernoise. Glad they made you laugh hehe. I didn’t expect them to look like this 👀🧦

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HAHAHA... oh noooo... how are they going to tell each other stories from their crazy travels now?!?

krkrkr... they looked a bit baffled and unhappy when you shut their mouths.

Wonderful googly post! Awesomeness!


Oh dear... I didn't think about that. Poor fellas. What have I done??!! :P
Heheh.. thank you @googlyeyes! This was fun!

Hahaha I loved the googlyeyes visit! The black one looked a little surprised that you were featuring him for this post. The entire time you were sewing I think he was trying to figure out what was going on lol! Too cute and loved the expressions with the hole.

I admit, you are way better than me when it comes to socks. I get so irritated and frustrated when the holes appear that I don’t even think about saving them. This is a pretty nice method, I love how it makes a nice straight line that blends in with the sock. Nice find and nice mend!


Heheh.. thank you @crosheille :) I didn't expect to see their expression like that. I have to say that I feel pity for them now. I have shut their mouths!! Oh noooo! :P
Ah it is a pretty nice method. The only thing is, it gathers the socks inside, so if the hole is too big, it may not be comfortable to wear. But I have not tried mine yet. Will be trying soon. :D


Haha yes you did all shut their mouths!! 😄

Ah that makes sense, didn’t think about that. You’ll have to let me know how it feels.

you dared! amazing googlyeyes post -- i couldnt but give my voice to you ... damn, its such a hard choice this week!..

hahahaha!!! Cutest socks I ever saw!


Hehe thank you @jaynie!

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pleasure :)

Those Googlyeyes are a good idea :-). Is it not dangerous to sew directly on the leg?


Oo it is actually but thankfully I only pricked myself once in the operation 😁

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Oh so funny, and so brave for sewing with such a sharp needle so close to your toes! That took some stretching and lots of precision.

My socks don't usually make it to holedom, they usually lose their elastic before they get there. I use them as disposable cleaning rags.

Thanks for sharing :)

Posted via Marlians.com

Hehe you are right, I thought it was going to be easy and then I realised the feet is quite far to be reached but luckily I managed it somehow 😆
Ah mine usually reaches holedom before stretchdom. Disposable cleaning rags is a good idea. Thank you @metzli :)

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Holey s**t, you are so cruel. You shut their mouths. ;D
Although I do love the awesome results. :)


Oh you are right, no wonder they weren’t chitty chatty like usual 😂 I can’t believe I did that to them! 😳

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You gotta do what you gotta do so that the world stays in order. I mean, if you leave holes unpatched for too long, god knows what else could happen. It's like a portal to all bad things. It starts snowing in the summer, all record players only spin the wrong way and that summons all kind of weird things to dig out from the ground like mouses with horns and worms with horns and birds with horns and horns with horns and what do you know, they are all allowed to marry each others and then all hell breaks loose. Houses start flying and helium ways more than air and the blue whales sing AC/DC:s greatest hits.

You might want to book a ticket to Mars. It's not too late yet.

I mean, just saying.


Hahahahah! Those are totally coool thoughts!!! LOL! I guess I have done the world a favour! :P
Houses start flying... Up!!! I love Up!! :D


Me too. :) Animations are awesome and Up is one of the best. :)


Thank you!

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You are not allowed to put these cute eyes on the socks, because now you have to feed them and can no longer use them as socks but only as pets (I am joking... but only a bit). I also fear the sock hole. But interestingly I have them always at the heel. I guess its because I often walk on socks without shoes (at home or in the training room) and this puts perhaps stress on the heels.
I admire your patience in mending. I mostly mend one sock and after this I have enough 😂. Thank you for providing this technique video, I hope it will motivate me to mend more socks.

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