NeedleworkMonday: Another frogged scarf

2년 전

Not wide enough - and not symmetric

I wanted to make a wide rectangle scarf with a tapered point - I've got 200g of sock yarn which should make a scarf that's long and wide. But somehow I both made it not wide enough (due to the inclined rows) and not symmetric (one side has nearly 10 stitches more than the other). So I frogged it and started anew!

I decrease two stitches in the middle every knit row and increase at the side with yarn overs every purl row. I love this double decrease and it's quite easy: you slip the stitch before the middle and the middle stitch together from the left needle to the right (they look a bit twisted there), then knit the next stitch and pull the two slipped stitches together over this stitch, the back rows are simply purled. This is another thing I learned from Sockmatician :)

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The colors are lovely, though.

I hope the next shawl turns out the way you want!

I like these very straightforward patterns, adding bits at the beginning and losing them in the middle. The stripe effect is very nice ... it looks perfect to me 😊
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I've just read @jamethiel's post about her slanting scarf, @muscara ! These are two really interesting ways to make the knitting go at different angles :D

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I really like shawls but I never knitted them myself. I think that when you put it on yourself it will not be seen at all that the scarf is not symmetrical :)

Lovely shawl, the pattern is super nice and the tapered form will be very practical to wear. I hope you are done with frogging :-D

I know how hard it is to frog all that work, but I can already see how beautiful it will be. Thanks for letting us know how to do that shaping on the middle stitches.

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