Tutorial: Slip stitch knitting - colorwork the easy way / Hebemaschen - einfaches Stricken mit mehreren Farben

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Last year I knit a cowl with several different slip stitch patterns. One of my sisters admired it and asked about making a hat with these patterns. But not with this scratchy yarn... (Yes, she's a very sensitive special snowflake). So it had to be cotton and since I hate knitting with cotton there were a lot of things I absolutely had to do first. But it's only about two weeks till her birthday so yesterday I started to knit the hat ;)

Letztes Jahr hatte ich mir einen Cowl gestrickt mit verschiedenen Hebemaschen-Muster. Eine meiner Schwestern wünschte sich das gerne als Mütze zum Geburtstag. Es sind noch gut zwei Wochen Zeit aber ich hab schon mal angefangen...

I will only knit some of them and repeat them. I plan to decrease between the patterns. That should work, I already had a similar thing in a pattern for a sweater's yoke.

Ich were nur einige dieser Muster stricken und plane zwischen den Musterabschnitten die Abnahmen zu machen.

Slip stitch knitting / Hebemaschen

Now how do you geht these nice patterns? Absolutely simple: you don't knit them ;) I'll explain it for the grey pattern with the black dots nearly at the bottom. It's worked in the round but you can work most slip stitch patterns flat.

You start with the gray yarn then change to the black yarn. Now you knit one stitch and the next one you simply slip from the left needle to the right with having the yarn on the back side of the work. Next stitch is knitted and again a slip stitch (k1, sl1wyib). The next row again with black but this time you purl all the stitches you knitted the row before while still slipping the other stitches (p1, sl1wyib). Now you change yarn and knit one row with gray. After that it's black again but this time we start with the slip stitch and knit the second stitch - otherwise it's the same as the first two black rows. You could knit these rows again and again for a kind if checker board pattern with an interesting texture due to the purl bumps.

Und wie gehen jetzt diese hübschen mehrfarbigen Muster? Fast verboten einfach: durch das Nicht-Stricken von Maschen ;) Ich erkläre das am Beispiel des grauschwarzen Musters fast unten. Ich stricke hier in der Runde, man kann aber Hebemaschenmuster meist auch mit Hin- und Rückreihen stricken.

Erst mindestens eine Reihe grau, dann Wechsel zum schwarzen Garn und abwechselnd eine Masche rechts stricken und eine Masche abheben (Faden dabei hinter der Arbeit). In der nächsten Reihe weiter mit schwarz und diesmal werden die gestrickten Maschen links gestrickt, die Hebemaschen wieder abgehoben. Nun eine Reihe ganz normal grau stricken und wieder zu schwarz wechseln. Jetzt erst abheben und die nächste Masche stricken, ansonsten wie zuvor. Man kann diese Reihen auch öfter wiederholen und bekommt eine Art Schachbrettmuster das durch die linken Maschen eine interessante Textur hat.

That's how it looks with the cotton yarn for the hat. It's not as nice in cotton - animal fiber or an animal/poly mix is best for it.

So sieht das Muster mit dem Baumwollgarn aus. Nicht ideal, am besten tierische Fasern oder einen Wolle/Poly-Mix nutzen.

There are hundreds oft slip stitch patterns, I already showed you two in my "Let's sock again"-post. Just try them out - most are so much easier than they appear to be!

Es gibt viele verschiedene Hebemaschen-Muster, ich habe in meinem "Let's sock again"-Post auch zwei gezeigt. Einfach mal ausprobieren, die meisten sind viel einfacher als sie aussehen!

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I still cannot believe that this pattern (or patterns are easy) They look so intricate. But your explanation seems straight forward.... I must try this out and adapt this for my knitting style, I hope this will work (as I turn the stitches differently than in standard continental knitting)
Thank you for this great inspiration.


If you 'twist' some stitches I think you might have to knit through the back loop...
Versuch macht kluch ;-)

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These are lovely! I have been experimenting with some slip stitch patterns for a throw I made, and these new ideas are perfect for a project I am exploring. (PS the photograph looks very stylish, especially when it is very small in the feed, the black, white, grey is fabulous).


I especially choose these colors from my stash (the cowl is made out of Regia sock yarn). Most others who knit the cowl used the proposed yarn which made it look more festive - but I preferred the black/gray/white. And it goes with everything ;)


I really like how it looks !!!! very beautiful!!! I will definitely try to knit something with this method

Snowflake ? We're all unique like snowflakes, @muscara :D

I also admire the stitches and look forward to seeing it the finished result...


With these small patterns, each of them only a few rows, I'm really motivated to go on, to finish this pattern and get to the next. I will post a photo tomorrow when I'm done with the next pattern :)

What beautiful work, intricate, detailed and delicate, I love it.

Thanks so much for showing the process and sharing with us.