NeedleWorkMonday’s Curation PPS #2 Results



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Hello friends! This is our second Curation PPS (post payout split) from our 70th Curation! It’s always nice sending our fellow needleworkers an extra token for their efforts :D

The following 14 Steemians submitted eligible posts and received a share:

@marblely, @yiobri, @rubberduckiemom, @carolinacardoza, @purlisland, @muscara, @cassidydawn, @elenka, @neumannsalva, @starjewel, @jluvs2fly, @devyleona, @jamethiel and @zellypearl

We received a total of 6.933 Steem from the payout post but I decided to add in another 10.000 Steem from my personal account to make it a little more. So there was a total of 16.933 Steem to split between 14 people making that 1.20 Steem per person. It’s not a whole lot but it’s a nice little token to say we appreciate your participation week after week.

Here are the screenshots of the transfers:



Congratulations to everyone! 🥳🤩

Our next PPS is scheduled for the 80th Curation! We will be doing this for every tenth curation! Yay! So keep posting those quality posts needleworkers ;D

Thank you so much for all of the support and love from those that upvote and comment on the @needleworkmonday account posts. We couldn’t reward the needlework community without your help! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️



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Congratulations to the recipients!

Thank you for the nice surprise!

WOOOW thank you so much. THis is absolutely lovely of you - a wonderful Christmas present 😍🌈🙏
(Strangely I no longer get notifications from Ginabot if someone mentioned me ....)

Dear needlera and dear @crosheille thank you for a needle full year and the love from this small but great community, from me to all of you merry Christmas and a happy needlework full 2020