The O3 NEO Wallet and the NEO economy

2년 전

I've owned NEO for a long time but I've never done anything with it. (Except in 2017 and 2018 when I gained and lost a lot of money with NEO). Recently, however, I decided to move my NEO off of Binance and into a NEO wallet. I chose the 03 wallet.
There's a lot going on with this wallet. You can buy NEO and other crypto with a credit card, exchange for other currency, and buy NEO gear. There's a lotto which is not available in my region
You can buy gear, buy a crypto game making thingamagig... (which I might) and there are lots of offers to hook your wallet up to other services (most of which I passed on)
I'm a beginner with using NEO for things - but I think it's pretty cool - sadly...(and this might limit my use in the future) while there is a travel service hooked up to the o3 wallet, it doesn't list NEO as an accepted crypto...which makes me think it might be time to sell my stake rather than holding it any longer...

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