NEO (Antshares) Windows neo-gui Wallet is Missing Transactions and Coin

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NEO (ANS) coins and Transaction IDs suddenly missing from neo-gui Windows wallet.

I have the Windows neo-gui wallet installed and I have successfully sent NEO (antshares) coin to it from Bittrex. I received all the coins and have been staking them. I looked last night and this morning and my neo-gui wallet balance was as expected.

I just opened the neo-gui wallet again though and now am seeing lot of my coins missing! All the NEO Gas I've accumulated is gone too. Also, only the two most recent transactions are visible in the Transaction History section. I can see all transaction IDs on Bittrex and these were all previously visible in the neo-gui wallet.

Furthermore, the website appears to be down, so I cannot look up my address and transaction IDs there either.

Is anyone else having this problem?! If so have you resolved it or know whats going on?

Issue is resolved. The site is back up and I was able to see that my coin balance was still in tact.
The wallet magically synced up today and all my coins are present.

You can also look up your address balance at

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I just double checked mine and it came up ok.

Hi, I'm new to steemit and well I have the probolema with the neo-gui, I do not see reflected the deposit, what should I do ?? please help

Should i expect the blocks to be the same ??

I speak Spanish so sorry for English


Look up your neo-GUI wallet address in the blockchain at You should see your neo there. The old neo-GUI wallet takes some time to sync so be patient.
You should migrate your neo to the new NEON wallet too when you get a chance and after you locate your coin.

All I know of is that bittrex just updated from ANS to NEO, but I don't see any way that would affect the wallet.

The wallet synced today and all coins are present.

This happened to me yesterday and my coins are still missing! I looked up the transactions and I see my coins deposited but it still shows zero. Any advice how to fix this? I am using the online version since I couldn't figure out how to download the windows desktop version.