The glorious life

3년 전

In the meeting of thousands of guests in the meeting, silence came down to the main speaker. He came up on stage with a long, perpendicular footprint, with a sharp eyesight on his personality. In the silence of pinpoint, he collected a note of one thousand rupees from the pocket. He handed his hands upwards, and said, "Who among you wants this note?"

There is no word, the row rises upwards to the top. Everyone wants a note!

The gentle smile played at the speaker's lip corner, grabbed the hand in the hand and raised it again, "Who is the key?"

All hands went up again, just like before.

"Well! I'll give you some money, but I'll do a job before that! "

He said that he took off the note and threw it on the ground. The dust-mud scarf, showing the crooked note, said in a jocular voice, "Do you have any objection to taking this dirty note?"

The attendees of the present will not have any objection!

"Happy guests! You just saw a very important education in life. I have crumbled this note of a thousand rupees with a shoe on the ground, but still you have expressed interest in getting the money - because whatever I do I did not lose the value of the money! There is no difference between the shiny notes and this crooked dirty note, it is still worth one thousand rupees!

In life we ​​face many sorrow, pain, frustration, failure, leaving our self-confidence downwards, thinking in my own mirror, "I will not do anything!"

The moment of this disaster must be kept in mind that the story of this one thousand rupees notes. Dust-tarnished the dust of the note has reduced the dignity of a little? I did not!

Every time you fail, you will get frustrated, you will be able to drag yourself into the new confidence. There is no one else like you in this world! You are unique, incomparable, the world is giving you lots of richness. What can be the failire of the glory?

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