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Greetings champs! I hope you are having an amazing day and of course wishing you a great weekend. Today we are going to talk about another front end that comes to stay in our great ecosystem called Steemit. As everyone knows (or not) the steemit community has been very agitated in recent days motivated to new projects that have been coming through, and apparently this party will keep on.


Welcome to Neoxian City, or the city of Neoxian. A new condenser based on Steemit where all its users have the opportunity to win new exchangeable Tokens through your posts and quality comments!

Before breaking down what mysteries The Neoxian City shall bring, let's talk a bit about @neoxian the person behind the project. For those who do not know, Neoxian is a top witness and one of the most honest and proven person in the steemit community. He is one of the most solid witnesses, and he is the owner of the most famous and, above all, fairer bank that can exist in the community. A pleasure for me to know him a little ... Let's continue.

As I said before, this is a new front end and its use is identical to that of the steemit platform, with the exception of some changes in terms of design and of course, the token which we are going to earn plus some extra details that we will see below .

When the users of steemit publish in this condenser, besides the gains in Steem and Sbd, you will have the chance to earn NEOXAG or to understand it better, the tokens that are generated within the page. The attractiveness of publishing and obtaining these tokens is that the profit one generates is independent of what you achieve in steemit, however this gives us a great opportunity to accumulate currencies in more than one front end. A situation that is great for all of us; In fact, we have more field to play and expand our resources.

There are two ways to get NEOXAG. the first is extremely simple: We must only use the "neoxian" tag in each post we publish on steemit or make quality comments in posts that use the aforementioned tag. In the case of this front end, there are no parameters regarding the type of post we publish. It is advisable as always that the content you post must be ORIGINAL and have a certain degree of quality so that they can receive votes that reward such good content.

The other way is by investing in miners that have the name NEOXAGM. By investing in them, users are opting to generate NEOXAG tokens passively. Amazing, right?


Now comes the million dollar question. Where can I buy and sell these tokens? Simple my dear followers. For our purposes we will use the tool Steem-engine where we can easily acquire NEOXAGM tokens or their respective NEOXAGM miners. There is an open order market where value will be determined by supply and demand, so we must be very CAREFUL when it comes to investing.



In conclusion, neoxian.city is a very ambitious project that is backed by one of the witnesses that generates more confidence within steemit, and behind it, a large community
characterized by its civility, cordiality, and most importantly, honesty.

Feel free to visit our city


For those who need more technical information about how the city is set up, here are some parameters:

"author_curve_exponent": 1.2,
"author_reward_percentage": 50,
"beneficiaries_account": "null",
"beneficiaries_reward_percentage": 0,
"cashout_window_days": 7,
"curation_curve_exponent": 0.5,
"downvote_power_consumption": 200,
"downvote_regeneration_seconds": 432000,
"downvote_window_days": -1,
"enable_account_muting": true,
"issue_token": true,
"json_metadata_app_value": null,
"json_metadata_key": "tags",
"json_metadata_value": "neoxian",
"miner_tokens": "{"NEOXAGM": 1}",
"mining_pool_claim_number": 20,
"mining_pool_claims_per_year": 8760,
"muting_account": null,
"n_daily_posts_muted_accounts": 0,
"other_pool_accounts": "{}",
"other_pool_percentage": 0,
"other_pool_send_token_per_year": 0,
"pob_pool_percentage": 50,
"posm_pool_percentage": 50,
"post_reward_curve": "default",
"post_reward_curve_parameter": null,
"promoted_post_account": "null",
"reduction_every_n_block": 10512000,
"reduction_percentage": 0.5,
"rewards_token": 8,
"rewards_token_every_n_block": 3,
"staking_pool_claim_number": 0,
"staking_pool_claims_per_year": 0,
"staking_pool_percentage": 0,
"token": "NEOXAG",
"token_account": "neoxian",
"vote_power_consumption": 200,
"vote_regeneration_seconds": 432000,
"vote_window_days": -1

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Stay tuned and STEEM ON!

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I do believe that there is also a 3rd way and that is by delegating to them.


Yes mate, you're absolutely right. I think there's a bid bot which one can delegate and make passive income. Regards mate.

Hey, man! Thanks for the introduction! Or Review. Whatever it is, it's interesting and well to know about.


Feel free to join our city mate! Regards.

I like all these new front ends and the extra earning opportunities, but I'm a bit confused when it comes to the ones that don't target a specific niche.
We only get 5 tags to use, and I wonder how many posts remain unseen because they don't have any 'real' keywords that are related to the content, like yours for example...


They might be unseen on steemit but not in the front end your using, nevertheless if they see your post there and upvote it, you'll receive rewards from Steemit and the token you use the tag for. Regards mate!

#neoxian city rules the game, we are the gangsters of the whole steem engine ecosystem.


Hell yeah Campeón! We're gonna rock!


Hell yeah Campeón! We're gonna rock!

The issue with all of these frontends is that they all want you to create an account. This is a usability nightmare.