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Disclaimer: this post is 50% real and 50% satire

A long forgotten TASK!

... on , a service none cares about anymore.

img source / image is completely random

In a very recent past, people did care about this STEEM microtask site and actually used the service to create and consume tasks, in order to farm TASK token. The price of the TOKEN is relatively stable, it has always been around ~0.1 STEEM per TASK.

But by the form of this chart, you already see some unhealthy structure:

In the past I already made a few posts about this token. Yes.. a few...

The reason for that was, because a micro task service site based on a STEEM token is actually a great idea. As expected, the service had a lot of users at the beginning. But it also had some problems with abuse ...and was not really fixed ... so ... people just started to forget about it. The abuse problems went over to be a long forgotten TASK and users lost all interest. What a waste! Great plan - bad execution.

The way the site was made with a lot of thoughts and at the right time, to then just be left to die, it feels so random and disoriented. Still not hopeless, the mainframe is still working somehow.

A great plan!

So I decided to create another post about it, expressing my emotions by:

  • choosing a totally random girl as the cover pic
  • add a lot of beneficiaries including myself and also @null
  • create 2 new tasks, of which one is basically a giveaway:
    " Link your latest post! ... so that I can come by and bring you a !BEER(Token) :)) "

Just to see if anyone will react to it :D

So there we go - two tasks:

GiveawayActual Task
20191013 09_30_25TASK Marketplace.png20191013 09_31_05TASK Marketplace.png


In the end, maybe I am right or maybe I am wrong. Let's see how long it will take for 15 people to actually get the free TASK (token). The first task is online since over 24h already and so far none 'completed' it. This post might help in this difficult case of un-re-discovered STEEM DApp.

At least I had some fun writing this and maybe you will have fun reading it :))

That been said, have a nice weekend
- Manni on the task

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Upvoted resteemed for the TASK i LOVE that we have TASK but we need mroe peopel using it!!!! we nee dto amke sure teh tasks dontr get used by scammers, we nee dto be able to white list i dunno, well see, i had to stop using it as my tasks just expired

if tassk coudl be set to NOT EXPIRE id be mroe willing to spend mroe on tasks ... but u should get ur money wostgh .. shouldnt expire :)


cheers to that! !BEER


Hey @ackza, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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