I need you as a Neoxian curator.

2년 전

The Neoxian Scot platform is still less than two weeks old, but already it is showing a lot of promise.
Our citizens are busy little bees (some literally) and our discord is full of enthusiastic people sharing discussions, ideas, giveaway's and ofcourse everyday chatter.

As a Neoxian miner, i feel its important to that i do my part in making our platform a success,

That's why i have decided that I am going to delegate a part of my mined neoxag to users who are actively curating on our platform, but lack the Neoxag power to make their vote count. I am looking for several curators who i will delegate towards 10.000 Neoxag power over a period of time.

If you love curating and are active in the Tribe of Neoxian (or plan to beome active), please send me a dm on discord (my discord handle is also @news-today) and tell me why i should pick you.

For those who are not yet familiar with Neoxian. Here are some useful posts that explain everything.

And because post earnings are divided 50%/50% between author and curator on Neoxian, curating is really worth your while.




You are welcome to join us in our discord to learn more about this amazing tribe.


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Hello @news-today!

As I mentioned earlier, I intend to do curational work in the Neoxian tribe through my personal account @camiloferrua and with my project @votomasivo.

With my personal account I will cure content in English and Spanish that I personally find beneficial for the tribe and the Steem blockchain.

With my project the curation is strictly based on the quality and pertinence of the content and is focused mostly on the Spanish speaking community, which is very large in Steem blockchain and publishes a lot of content that needs to be filtered to get the best out of the best. If you want to see more of our work just visit our blog and see our daily curation reports.

In both cases I would be very grateful for your support and would work actively to get the most out of it for everyone.

On @votomasivo I work with @fulani, a great artist and curator.


This sounds brilliant.
You got my support. I will contact you on discord.


The neoxian tribe is a nice tribe with great fire that's unquenchable. Will love to promote worthy posts with some neoxag but I don't have a good power to.
This is indeed a great opportunity and I must say thank you. Will message you on discord