Knife and Fork ...and YOU?

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I'm writing this on a #freewrite prompt KNIFE.

Hardfork-21 is scheduled to happen on 27th August this week which will make author-curator rewards split equally. Thus this post that I'm writing will earn only 50% component of total reward to me as an author instead of earlier 75%. Thus there will be an additional cut with this knife called HF-21. What am I currently thinking? Well, I'm thinking to spend more time on curation and cut on my writing. Writing with reduced frequency may improve my post quality by some extent. And reduced reward should dis-incentivize authors like me. Else this 50-50 split won't serve its intended purpose. So I'm thinking.... to use a knife on my daily writing habit here and fork some of its time into curating more posts. How is HF-21 impacting you? Will that compel you to change anything?

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My opinion is as follows
This means that
The greater the voter value, the greater the % of the voter’s own value.
such as
Vote value <0.1USD, get 30% of its own voting value
Vote value 0.1~1USD, get 50% of its own voting value
Vote value >1USD, get 70% of its own voting value


Yeah, up to an extent but the curve becomes linear beyond a point. I'll certainly get to your post to check details about your take on it.

Thanks for your input!

50/50 is working if you check the tribes and i think Steemit adopting it is a good way to go.


Sure. Is anything wrong there?
Lemme see.


Yeah, tribes have all kinds of models from 50-50 to 60-40 to even 75-25. Let's see what works out the best.

And thanks for editing this comment. I was really wondering as I find everything okay with my sell order. Sigh! :)

Hope you inserted that text here by mistake.

it is very positive change, now good content will get more manual curation which will result max payout for author ever after reduction in 25%. it also good that curator time reduced from 15 min to 5 min. now curator can upvote without waiting time.

More curation mean more hunting of Good content, Which will force author to deliver good content every time and keep shit post and bidbot out of this arena.


Yeah, all these potential positive benefits are compelling enough to rise our hopes with this HF. Let's see how it turns out.

I hope, it will be a success and drive our quest for best model a step further.

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It will not change much considering that we should be glad that I have such a possibility at all.

The upvote activity will increase, which in turn will return losses.

@xyzashu, At this moment i am thinking to accept this Change then will adopt and then will experience, at the end will analyse if Hardfork 21 really betrayed me or it will prove as blessing. Stay blessed.

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