Ajit Pai and Net Neutrality

3년 전

My favorite part is how Ajit Pai doesn’t seem to realize that all his new “friends” will throw him under the bus as soon as this plan to dismantle net neutrality backfires.

When every company including Amazon, Apple, and Google report losses because of this, everyone will use him as a scapegoat. When they realize they’ve basically fucked the golden goose in the ass and that it is no longer laying and just spends all day walking funny instead, he’ll be the first up on the chopping block. When 100 million small business owners are done with him, there won’t be anything left.

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Man, I am totally lost on this Net Neutrality thing. Like I understand how it works, but not why people want to mess stuff up to begin with...

Though I'm amused cuz there's gonna be rallies at Verizon stores in protest on my birthday 😂