Some types of Malware

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Some types of Malware:

  1. Spyware It is a type of malware that will track and spy on users.
  2. Adware Is a type of malware that will display advertisements automatically.
  3. Bots Malware that will automatically take action
  4. Ransomware Encryption for suati data that is on the computer
  5. Scareware Malware that usually scares users, usually appears a message that your computer is at risk of a virus and has to install a special application, but actually only discussing redirects for us to install applications at risk
  6. Rootkit Help to create an operating system to create a backdoor. Maybe later the operating system can be changed remotely
  7. Viruses An executable code that is attached to another executable file is often a legitimate program.
    8 Trojan horses malware that runs malicious operations disguised as desired operations.
  8. Worms Malicious code that copies itself by exploiting exploits in a network.
  9. MitM It allows an attacker to take control of a control device without the user's knowledge. With this level of access, an attacker can intercept and retrieve user information before sending it to the requested destination.
  10. MitMo A variation on man-in-middle, MitMo is a type of attack used to connect mobile devices.
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