13th sciencevienna networking: Metropolitans and Steemians belong together (Part II) [Post with steem-bounty]

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How do we choose to become a part of something?

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Some of you might know about my recent membership at METROPOLE - Vienna in English with special benefits like weekly newsletters, exclusive discounts, dining and entertainment experiences in Vienna, weekend reservations at Vienna’s best restaurants, invitations to exclusive partner events, access to AR content, free access to high-level METROPOLE events and a special gift in case I renew my membership after one year. I highly recommend taking a look into their high-level events! Vienna never gets boring if you're among like-minded ;) Some details on how modern publishing formats and AR look like you can reread in my first part.

People who are closer to VIP Business Network sciencevienna have noticed that I started to number all my networking events I'm visiting since January 2019 - conferences excluded. The procedure does not only provide a more transparent approach, but a general summary for myself. At the end of the year I'll let you know how far I've come :D For you, readers & audience, it gets clear in which environments my network is operating and also co-operating with others. If you're a real estate investor or a part of Airbnb platform you know how important location is: Location, Location, Location! For every networking professional it is indispensable to find out in which environment one wants to operate: Environment, Environment, Environment! My criteria catalog (for the attendance of networking events) is based on my vision and philosophies where @sciencevienna can and should be grounded. For details feel free to meet me in person at METROPOLE's next milestone on May 27: The hidden champions. There will be a great show of big corporations, innovative companies and global leaders. Becoming a Metropolitan has beyond that many more advantages.

When you've overcome the hurdles of networking at the beginning you will reach a phase where you're very careful with whom you spend your time. METROPOLE - Vienna in English which started as magazine is now developing its efforts far beyond the written word. It's quite amazing what plans they have for expansion - not only into AR. I'm very happy as Metropolitan of being a member of their new agenda. At the end of the day you just feel ... It's a match!

For network(ing) professionals rapprochements in general are never easy especially when checking each other's philosophy to find out where they could co-create something new, something powerful, when cooperating seems promising, sharing experiences makes sense and supporting each other is effective. What could that be, how could that look like might be among the first questions of every creator.

From a scientific point of view, uncertainty reduction, fathoming expectations/performance indicators and the access to certain informations might be the most beneficial aspects of networks and a membership within networks. Several studies distinguish between open and closed:

For instance, an open structure—characterized by a sparse network or disconnected contacts within a network—predisposes established professionals to creativity due to a greater diversity in the knowledge and resources that it makes possible. A range of ideas increases the chances that people will recombine elements in a novel way. However, a closed structure—characterized by strong ties or dense interconnection within a network—is valuable for sharing knowledge within the network, generating trust, and increasing the chances that others will build on that knowledge in the future. Dunn, 2019, p.1344

This contingency approach to knowledge creation shows that both open structures and closed structures are valuable to take into account when elaborating on the question: How do we choose to become a part of something?

Sometimes it's rational, sometimes it's just the right feeling


Depending from what side I'm coming from certain collaborations are just logical others I feel they are right or they need to happen. The beauty of certain environments might play a role :P If a decision can be 50 % rational and 50 % emotional, only the ones who are dealing with emotional intelligence might ask. Sometimes you admire someone of her appealing writing style @mammasitta or of his artistic persistency @artpoet or of his ellaborated curation strategies @crypto.piotr. All in all, there is so much more we can learn here and steemit has proven even if everything is fully transparent we still have to learn how to handle mass information overflow for creating knowledge. Information and Knowledge are not the same and very often we need others to find out something. We are connected from womb to tomb. So if there's a topic or someone I should take my eyes on let me know in the comments below.



sciencevienna is a concept-creative foundation in sympathy with Günter Faltin's approaches, assumptions testing in practice and entrepreneurial design. sciencevienna's manifestation is dated back to July 8, 2017 when crypto-blogging account on blockchain based social medium steemit came into play and first began to shape its digital environment. On illustrious crypto-parties, meet-ups and events, sciencevienna served as nickname for Alexander Mike Stachniewicz. Cryptonetworks are not Companies, they are neither a club nor a kind of special (scientific) community. The structurelessness in their structures allows proximity to a modern form of liberating movements, leaving the past behind and creating a future for new formats of leading-edge collectivization. Further details here

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A very interesting thing, many cool events as I have seen on the website. Too bad that all events are in Vienna. But you will surely find some Steemians from the Vienna area who might join Metropole.
cheers und Lg


Heyho welcome back @reiseamateur, that's the thing about sciencevienna: bound to Vienna :D I'm thinking how to unbound when I will move on, but there's still some time left and my creation of a new location/environment independent artistic persona is in the pipeline. Thx for commenting 🙏

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People of means will always gravitate to one another and create these sort of networking opportunities to share wealth, opportunities and information and I do think steemit has some of that spirit, be it in an unconventional way.

I do try my best to check out tags I am interested in, I used @pifc and @heyhaveyamet to find new content and you know sometimes I just stumble upon people or they do me. It's a fun dynamic I kinda enjoy instead of other social media thats more funnelled to curating your circle of friends


Exactly as I said on another platform:

Group dynamics when being rewarded for comments are far better; it's like with musicians in a casino: you can hear the motivations

hello, I checked out the metropole webpage and its offerings. Very cool indeed.
I don't spend much time in Vienna and Austria but I can see how the articles at present has bearing for someone with a global mindset... But as they put it it's good for "contemporary local insight". I do hope to visit Vienna and Austria at some point I'm going to make a note to keep track of this magazine for that.
Thanks for sharingand good luck with your articles. I do agree with you that we are connected in the womb to the tomb... Cradle-to-grave. :D


Exactly, 'global mindset' is the key word and I think English is far more inclusive than any other language. One day we will be one nation. In Australian metropolises you already can see the kind of mix, how different cultures co-exist and inspire each other. In Austria there is quite a piece of work to do and the magazine makes an important contribution. Hope to see you one day in person :) I'm curious what's beyond the tomb, but that's a topic for another article :D c ya

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Kind of sad that you don't take me to those wonderful events anymore like last year but appreciate your kindest compliments about my super simple writing style. Hehehee! Didn't write a proper article since months:(

I am awakening ATM from a month long madness of being weak and sick. The weather caught up on me because it was a bit too much cold, warm and cold again I am still not used to.

I bookmarked your article and will read carefully what it is all about.those Metropolitans


So true! Can't stand this weather anymore as well! And it's so hard to find the right corners and people here in Vienna as well, so yeah I decided to pay for that membership to be around like-minded. I didn't want to fall into the trap of so many saying: "yeah Viennese archtecture is beautiful and the living rest is either characterless or Nazi." Not always easy to find the right hood, but when you find it, it's worth it! I miss our times together, too!! Please take your time to take a look, to reflect, whether it's worth the money.


I am a little stuck and my first excitement is floating down the Danube Canal’s....I am hiding mostly in my own home, got quite lazy or find other Hideaways. Couldn’t get into my own rhythm yet.....
This membership really looks appealing!

We need to find time for each other to chit chat, talking about kinky sex and intense anarchy topics.
I am lacking inspiration these days....🙀😛😘


No you shouldn't hide, all the more we should meet on May 27 for the hidden champions <3 will be quite an inspirational show afaik


Here you can subscribe and you will receive reminder which you enjoyed so much when we were networking. They are top when it comes to organizing their high-level events https://metropole.at/product/metropole-membership-365/

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They seem to have a lot of activities,
Being a member is a very cost-effective thing.
If people think that value for money,
Maybe can apply for a lifetime membership.
(PS: you are seem only have 1 year membership !)


True, true, true, for me it's worth. The price is similar to "ÖBB Jahreskarte" so you can say you're mobile. I think when you find your right environment those kind of memberships are like critical infrastructure. The things I'm dreaming of need the right breeding ground and Vienna in general is a very closed society, access is very often difficult. A long history sometimes can be oppressive, sometimes suppressive, but that's I guess a European problem in general. If you're an innovator you need ppl who are sharing your vision and sometimes there is no other way as opening your purse.

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@sciencevienna, That's awesome. And this Membership is reflecting as Royal one. Enjoy your membership and bring fun and happiness in your life. Stay blessed.


When I saw the price I thought exactly the same, yes this membership is a royal one. Thank you for your comment, I will place my upvotes around the end of the bounty

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Welcome and have a blessed time ahead.

How do we choose? Partly we bump into it and partly we go on the search for...

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Sometimes like a wrecking ball and sometimes like on a hunt :D thx @wakeupkitty your witty comment is noted, votes will be placed around the bitter end 😘


Witty Wake up Kitty... think I change my name 😂.

Happy day 😘

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Looks very interesting. I wish I could be there.
Sometimes rational, sometimes a feeling... It also seems when the feeling is good you might act more rational. So many things possible I would say, and yet.. What is possible in the moment is possible in the moment..
Thanks for this wonderfull post, it stimulated me.


People being able to listen to their feelings in the first place yes, people able of being led by their feelings to reach the moment of mixing the good feeling and the often with rationality associated decision-making which indeed is not that rational we sometimes would wish for. Thx for commenting

Very good post. Sehr guter Beitrag 👏

METROPOLE membership is so cool. Vienna is a very nice city. One day we have to make use of these great privileges.


So true, yes Viennese are highly privileged and to access a certain environment is sometimes only possible via memberships. Bit sad maybe, but it is as is, this is how the world works. Thx for comment, I will place my votes for the bounty soon

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Greetings, for this type of business is very important the location and innovation, the new hooks and traditional keeps! I would love to go to Vienna !! and to enjoy the moment!

Very good post. Sehr guter Beitrag 👏

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Beckme the part of this wonderful things..

To be honest, I could not understand the whole concept presented by this post (maybe because i am tired and feeling sleepy at the moment).

I am interested in learning about this METROPOLE and I will go through the articles you pointed out, probably when I wake up tomorrow.



Sometimes life can't be fathomed immediately, the concept of this post is to show that loneliness has not to be the ultimate solution. You're lucky if having a solid friends' circle in Buea. Vienna might be the most livable city on earth, but loneliness is an issue (maybe in every bigger city; in London you even have a ministry for that). I might have found my soulmate on another continent, nevertheless I'm here now and this membership can be a first step, an access into those little corners keeping me alive.

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