The digital journey of money

5개월 전

Hello all,
Money is perhaps one of the most important assets in our lives. It is indispensable for our survival. Today I wanted to talk about the digital journey of money. In the historical process, people have used barter tools such as mussels and seashells and precious metals such as gold and silver to meet their needs. After the 17th century, banknotes under the central authority were used. Technological innovations that took place in the 20th century brought along innovations in financial terms. In the 1960s, ATMs, and in the 1970s, EFT, which is an electronic fund transfer, played an important role in the evolution of money to digital. On October 31, 2008, the crypto currency took its place in the literature. Although there are many positive and negative opinions about crypto currencies, my opinion is that it will take place in an important area of our lives.
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