Stake ANY Amount Of BITG Coins!

2년 전

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Do you want to stake your BITG coins but don't want your pc running with the wallet on all day, or you want to have a masternode but don't have 2500 coins? Then use Simplepospool!

  1. Simply click on deposit on the left, click on "view deposit address" and send any amount of coins to that address (1 part of a masternode costs 10 coins, but excess coins will just get staked)

  2. Then go to "available masternodes" on the left tab

  3. Select BITG and click on participate (cheapest slot of a bitg masternode is 10 coins which is about 7,68 USD at time of writing)

All remaining coins (<10 coins) will be staked, so you will earn daily rewards on any amount deposited.

You would be getting an approximate 0.0323 BITG coins per masternode slot, and after you get your masternode payout you will also get stake rewards from those coins your earned!

Any donations would be greatly appreciated: GYrzvQWFFRqr62V9Q74mvHa16joboLNHZX

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