Stakebase: The POS-Coin Friendly Exchange, Stake Your Coins, While You Trade!

3년 전

The new cryptocurrency exchange Stakebase is the first cryptocurrency exchange allowing users to automatically earn proof-of-stake and masternode rewards on their deposited coins. So this means that you can just deposit your coins on the exchange en your coins will still be staking without any technical hassle with your wallet.
Stakebase will launch in Q1 of this year, so less then 6 weeks at worst. If you sign up early via the link below then you will get a 25% reduced fees!

If you use this link you will get 25% reduced trading & staking fees for the first 6 months!

Community coin vote

Right now there is a coin voting where you can vote for the coin you want to be listed on Stakebase
Every 1 or 2 weeks there will be another competition to list a new coin, totally for free!
The current coin voting competition is Phore vs Stakenet
Previous winner was Pivx

Referral System

There also is a two-tier Referral Program
The first tier: For each new user that signs up to Stakebase via your link will give you 20% of their staking and trading fees.

The second tier: When your referrals invite new users, you'll receive 10% of those new users staking and trading fees as well.

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