What Makes SUQA Different From The Other Cryptocurrencies?

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One of suqa's features which is very special and no other cryptocurrency that I know of has this is the "Time-lock" feature.
You can "Time-lock" your suqa coins, it's similar to proof-of-stake coins, but better! You don't have to have your wallet running 24/7

How to use the Time-lock?

  1. Go to "file" and then click on "Receiving addresses"
  2. Then copy one of your "Receiving addresses"
  3. And then lastly follow all the steps in the image below

How much will I earn you might ask, go to the suqa site: https://suqa.org/
And scroll down to the 8th section.

*Interest is based on annual percentage rate which 25% approximately for the first 3 months so 25/12 for monthly. After the first 3 months it will be 5% approximately 5/12 will get you your monthly rate. Maximum lock time is 30 days.

The Suqa algorithm: x22i
Why the x22i algorithm?
One of the biggest problems in the cryptocurrency community is centralization. Bitcoin was made to make people from from banks and financial institutions. The x22i algorithm makes Suqa decentralized by giving the power to the GPU miners, instead of expensive ASICs.

Suqa is the only cryptocurrency which has the x22i algorithm. (as of my own knowledge and also as of: https://www.coincalculators.io/)
The algorithm consists of 22 different algorithms combines which creates a need for larger chip space and it makes manufacturing of ASICs or FPGAs pretty costly. In addition to this, because of the SWIIFTX hash function it's also Future-Proof resistent to quantum computers.
This algorithm makes Suqa FPGAs and ASICs resistent, and the Suqa team does this by implementing multiple features over X11 PoW algorithm.

from the x22i whitepaper
link to the x22i whitepaper: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/x22i-proof-of-work-algorithm.pdf

Suqa site: https://suqa.org/
Bitcointalk announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5038269.0
My bitcointalk name: Arantuil
Suqa telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/KHrlAUd3hwzgV6dS8qMu4A

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