So far, the concept of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has given out opportunities for people to enhance their business activities, transforming the global economy from a flawed system to decentralized era, where people are granted full control over their business transactions without need of third parties. Furthermore, people have developed interest about cryptocurrencies, implementing it's features into their everyday financial activity and working areas, potentially earning from the values of cryptocurrencies in the open market.
In regard to this, cryptocurrency market faces a period of sustainable development depending on how the demand and supply rate of cryptocurrencies, thus to promote more growth, there is requirement for cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges function as a simplified interface and user-friendly medium to enable conversion of cryptocurrencies by people including allowing project startups and companies to issue their native token via IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). Alternatively, some crypto exchanges have poorly developed architectural facilities that poses as hindrances to traders and business owners, where this problem can result in slow processing of trade orders, delay in withdrawal, high cost of transaction, insufficient liquidity and much more.
The cryptocurrency market cannot continue to be hindered by these problems, a chance for improvement must be achieved via a feasible solution that can help people perform trading activities without hassles. A digital asset trading platform called LIQUIDITEX has been created to be the solution provider to the problems faced by people engaged in cryptocurrency trading.

The Liquiditex platform is an innovative concept designed with revolutionary features to provide massive benefits to the cryptosphere. Liquiditex interface can be accessed from anywhere in the world, built to be simplified and user friendly with optimal trading tools to mitigate risk and ensure users trading activities is becomes more profitable.
Liquiditex Security mechanism is designed with high tech system and wallet to safeguard users funds against cyber criminals and hacks etc. Availability of cold wallet storage within the trading platform secures 95% of users asset against scenarios of hacks, leveraging of blockchain technology as main foundation guarantees that transactions is transparent, secure and devoid from intermediary, thus transactions will be cost effective for all users.
Trading operations have begun within Liquiditex exchange but cryptocurrency trading pairs is limited, in response to this, the team plans on integrating more cryptocurrency pairs in the future for flexibility in users trading activities. Customer service is available to users, where qualified and trained personnel are ready to assist and provide support 24/7 to users while liquidity for trading operations is assured to ensure exchange operations is fast, efficient and reliable.
Liquiditex launched a new customer positioning system powered by Shell. The Shell system enables users to accumulate Shell which is similar to points, where the users with higher number of Shell in acquisition receive more benefits related to development of Liquiditex exchange. Users will receive Shell proportional to available Shell in balance. Liquiditex will periodically redeem Shell and users can exchange it for benefits, rewards and so on, in Liquiditex specific promotion campaigns.

Liquiditex boost more development into the financial market by allowing people to carry out cross border transactions via their innovative trading services. The platform is highly convenient, reliable and refined where blockchain technology functioning as main foundation guarantees non-existence of third party, ensuring that trading transactions remains cost effective and transparent.
Register on the Liquiditex exchange by confirming your email , connect your Google Authentication and create additional security keys . KYC Verification is necessary for withdrawal of larger amounts of funds from the Liquiditex account. To receive 10 Shell immediately to your account after registering , kindly use my affiliate link :

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