I like to cook when my husband say.

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Hy guys how are you . Iam also fine and I hope you are fine too . Today I was getup early in the morning then my husband said today you have to make some diffirent pakistani dishes . I said that what you want to eat in lunch then he said that I like to eat chicken biryani and Qorma .

Yes chicken biryani is the most famous pakistani dish which make with the use of chicken pieces and rice. Pakistani peoples love it and 2nd one is chicken Qorma it is very special dish in pakistan and tasty too.
But I like to eat chicken biryani , burgers , pizza and chiken chees shwarma.
But my husband like to eat only Biryani and Qorma . Today iam ready for cook. I want to make it very tasty and very spiecy . I hope My family will enjoy its taste .
I hope you like my post .
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Really its true word
One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.
You made me hungry

Chicken biryani and korma are one of the famous dishes of indian subcontinent..These are loved by all the people here...lots of love from pakistan...


Thank you

Chicken nyaaaaaam

Look yummy 😝 im hungry now

Very delicious


Asian food... Yummy