Is facebook is selfish?? Or not?? Compare steemit with other social medias

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Compare with other social medias
We are using steemit we all are steemians and steemit is the great platform for earning. Basically steemit is a social media like facebook , tweeter, etc thay take our important time and our skills but they dont give us reward. But steemit is the one beautifull social media where we spend our time happily because its not selfish . It give us reward of our hardwork.

Is facebook is selfish or not
Facebook is selfish it is top 1 social media website you can visit here but its owner is selfish because people work for his website but he dont give them reward its clearly mean he is selfish . But steemit is new platform it is not more famuse then facebook. But it give his worker and peoples big rewards of its cryptocurrency like steem and steem dollar. You can check it here

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Steemit have bright future

Oh wao, I had never really thought about this, you have a lot of reason that is why I think that steemit is better because we spent a lot of time on this platform and thus receive our reward. I liked your content


Thank you so much I agree with you.


yes, youre welcome, greetings :*