Traveling can give you alot of experiences

3년 전

Hy guys .
How are you? I hope you are good.
Today I want to tell you about my city.
Well my name is @dolphen iam from Pakistan the asian country. My city name is Abbottabad . As you know or not my city have alot of beauty , greenry , water and mountains. When you want to visit to the greenest valley then you should come here in Abbottabad for tourism .

I also like traveling to other places in the world with my family last time I was tour to muree the beautifull place on the earth.
Traveling is the best thing for learning alot of things . Yes iam right in my openion there is no book who can give you complete knowledg but traveling is a best book in the world who can do it . If you want to learn somethings then you will have to travel to the world

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