Why I choose steemit .......?

3년 전

Hy guys how are you ...
Today is the Friday . Friday is relaxation day for pakistanies. But iam using steemit because its my hobbie. I always spend my time on steemit where I can blogs coments and apot of fun .


Steemit is the beautifull platform which give rewards to its users . Steemit is a social media platform where we learn some things special news, photography of natural beauty .

We can shere our knowledg our experiences of life , about bussiness and alot of news about politics . Iam choosing steemit as a social media for earning . Iam using steemit since 4 months when I started then steem price was on around about 1 usd but after some weeks it was goin on 8 usd after some weeks it was goin on 1.3 again . But it was a chance for investors who could invest for huge profit 4 time minimum.
Now it is on around about 4 and feature pridiction is that it will go on 10 and maximum 50 usd .
I hope steemit give us alot of oppotunity for success.

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