New Steemit Upvote Post Service - March 2018 - Learn More About Vote Bots

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Steemit is an amazing blockchain social media site that pays its content producers via Steem currencies. To be more precise, users of Steemit pay other users for their content by voting on it. However, not all votes are equal. Users that have more Steem Power (SP) give higher rewards to your posts. So someone who upvotes your post and has less then 10 SP for example will give you a vote but no money. The more Steem Power someone has, the more their money their vote will give you.

Bots are like users who have a lot of SP
that can you can hire to vote on your posts.

Isn't that cheating? No. It's not. As a new user to Steemit, it can be very hard to get to a level of earning consistent money for your posts. On the internet, the more people that link to you - the more visibility you will get in the search engines. It's a similar idea on Steemit, the more people that vote for you - the more visibility you will get. As a new contributor its important that you get the ball rolling so you don't run out of "steam" and quit. This is a fantastic opportunity and if you keep contributing on a regular basis you will develop fans and your account will start to appreciate. We believe that Steemit has a very bright future and if you start building it correctly, it will be worth a lot of value/money in a few years. Upvote Bots are an extremely useful service for Content Creators.

How To Hire A Bot To Vote On Your Post

  • click on your profile image in the top right and choose Wallet
  • under Steem Dollars dropdown menu - click Transfer
  • type in the name, example: dolphinbot
  • type in the amount, example: 0.5 SBD
  • paste in the url to your steemit post

transfer steem.jpg

Upvote Bots vs Resteem Bots

There are many services now offering to resteem your post to 10,000+ users, etc. My partner and I have been experimenting with the Resteem services and have found so far that they're not profitable. We've gained very little followers from all the resteems even though our content is successful. My guess is that just like on FB, there's a lot of posts and clutter in people's feeds. Our experiments with over 10 Resteem bots on new high quality posts have shown that for us, they're not worth it.

Upvote Bots are Way More Profitable

The great thing about using upvote bots is that immediately after the vote goes through, you will see some money on your post. Its true that people will take your post more seriously when they see that it has some vote money on it rather then no money

DolphinBot Is Launching in Less Than 48 Hours!

We're just finishing the last bit of de-bugging and DolphinBot is ready to start working hard and upvoting quality posts. We have many advanced features that we will be sharing in upcoming posts.

If you would like to learn how to become an early investor in DolphinBot by delegating some of your Steem Power (you remain in complete control of your funds at all times), send us an email at: You will earn 85% of DolphinBot's earnings based on your prorated SP shares paid out automatically at the end of each voting round! (every 2.4 hours)


50 SP | 100 SP | 250 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 2000 SP | Custom Amount

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Congratulations, your new service will be successful and obviously useful for me. I must use your service.


Thanks! It's a great way to build up your reputation and get more viewers.


Can I send SBD from today???


Yes! Right now the minimum is 0.05 and the maximum is 0.50 🐬

Congrats on your new service!


I just delegated 50 SP to you, dolphin power!! : )

This post has received a 3.65 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @dolphinbot.

This post has received gratitude of 2.00% from @appreciator courtesy of @dolphinbot!

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 6.73% upvote!
I was summoned by dolphinbot. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish…

P.S. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of @grumpycat please know that he has been harming people throughout Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア). Stealing the service that I (and other bots) have provided them and hiding behind a facade of stopping bid bot abuse which he clearly has no interest in.
Sneaky Ninja is a very responsible bot, working directly with steemcleaners, actively pursuing spam and abuse on our platform. If you would like to see what steps Sneaky Ninja has taken to fight bid bot abuse see this post and this post. Also know that I am working daily on other solutions.
If you would like to know my personal take on bid bot abuse and why I do not agree with the 3.5 day rule, see this post

Grumpycat is a villain that must be stopped to protect our freedoms here on steemit!

resist grumpycat
There is a resistance that has formed to counter his tyranny.

If you would like to take an active role in stopping this menace and helping other victims like yourself...
Learn More Here

I have also summoned my love, Kusari to offer some limited help to victims like you.
See Here

Hi. Do you do refunds to prevent over bidding and a total loss?