Never be a prisoner , of your past ♥️

3년 전

To live a happy life it is necesary to never be a Prisner of your past ,
i dont know about the past of all peoples but i think everyone face hard life in past some good memories as well
but if we stay be a prisner of our past we will not be able to make new memories and we will miss the time to make new memories in success ,
because if the past time spent in sadness , hard , with a lot of problems then we will stay sad in our present and in our future we will be upset all time becasue of our past and we will miss the oppurtunities to be success in our present life,
30715490_508179926250535_1853554112239501312_n (1).jpg
And on the other hand if our past was happy , glad, and spent with very beautifull memories then our past will still destroy us because we need to live in our present life, to have more fun joy and make a lot of memories of sunncess in our life and with good relations

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The past will rob us of precious time if we let it. I totally agree.


Thanks :)

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I completely agree with you there, Maria! We need to live at the moment and move on. Now that you mentioned prisoners, I am very sad about the millions of innocent people out there that are actually in PRISON sentenced decades to life in a jail cell and those people will never be able to grow as a person... very very sad indeed... those people are always living in the past cause they spent the rest of their life in a horrible place based on what they did in the past. No matter how much you are serious to improving yourself as a person and learned from your mistakes, these authorities will never forgive you. I wish more prisoners read this post. I love it! At least us out of prison has a choice to move on, prisoners in prison... does not :(


yes thanks to agree :-) and to live a happy life we need to agree to not be the prisnor of past Cheers !!


Exactly! :) Have you checked into my Discord yet? Its a Discord I made for Steemian meetups xD