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All the four sons of the family are footballers. Their identity is known only by the football family in Akonbona in Benin city. The festival is going on in the family. The middle of the festival is Liza. Mother-in-law from mother-in-law, everyone is delighted to get this Bengali girl. Praise of the girl's daughter in the face of the people's face

Nigerian striker Elita Kingley is playing in the Premier Football League in Bangladesh since 2011. Accordingly, in 2012, Eliashar was introduced to Leisure. Afterwards, sitting in a mood-fed marriage. About a year and a half after marriage, she came to her bosom after daughter Sameera. In the first light on January 29, the story of their love and marriage was revealed in the title 'Happy Family of African Wife African Footballers'. Many readers congratulated the African footballer for his fascination with the story of the happiness of Bengalis. The request was also for the first time that the story of Liza's in-laws was heard. In the Nigerian family, the daughter of a Bengali girl is said to be the first leg!

On January 26, Liza left Dhaka for Nigeria. Before leaving the country, his romantic feelings for the first time in his in-laws were found to be found in his conduct. Tens of thousands of miles passed through the mother-in-law, while standing in front of her mother, her extravagance increased greatly. Mother-in-law was looking forward to seeing the son of the Bengali wife. With three-and-a-half-year-old grandchildren

Kingsley family has played a lot in Bengali style. Mother-in-law Eliata Justina kept the neckline for the wife. He put his own hands on the bride's neck. Lizo is very excited, "I thought foreign mothers would not be able to take as much as our mother-in-law can do. But he was totally pleased with me. Kept neckline for me. Cook yourself Especially for her grandfather, she is more loved. "Liza's delight was found to be from far away. Elita Kingley and Liza couple. Collected pictures
Elite Kingley and Liza couple Collected pictures

Lia had come to see the wife with a lot of interest since she came to her in-laws' house. Some have come with gifts. The invitation can also be received from the relatives' house. Liza was surprised to be invited to her husband's elder brother's house, "My brother-in-law made two dresses for me. And Elit's elder brother gave me a ring. '

Lizao is not doing less for his family. Various kinds of musicals taken from Bangladesh while traveling. Every day, cooked two-fourths of the Bengali food is cooked in front of her mother-in-law. Mother-in-law is happy Husband Ellita Kingsley is also happy to see the duty of the wife to her mother. Elijah had lost her father a long time ago, so the father-in-law was not able to do the service.

Footballer EliTator has trouble in life. In 2006, the opportunity to play in the 21 World Cup with John Oby Mickel came in front of the Elite. Lionel Messi has become Messi in the World Cup. But Kingsley was injured in a friendly match in the Netherlands on Sunday before leaving for the World Cup in the Netherlands. Yet the airport was taken up to Kingsley. But eventually the doctor was forced to leave the country. So, in the World Cup, the Bengali girl's daughter-in-law was not fortunate enough to fall in love. But in the Nigerian Premier League, he played with the bat in Bangladesh.
These are now past. Elita is now red-green in the family. So, the number of aliata-Liza couples has started to return to Nigeria even after returning to Bangladesh.

If you want to read the story coming to Liza and Elite Kingsley ... Happy family with the Bengali wife African footballer

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