The Natural Economy of Life in a nutshell

3년 전

directory-466935_1920.jpgbefore I get started with the solutions (the "methods" how to), I present you a short summary, of what the "Natural Economy of Life" is all about and how it differentiates from all the other "solution models".

  1. Gradido or the Natural Economy of Life is a money and economic model based on nature - such following the Law(s) of nature
  2. It offers a basic income for every human being on this planet - which can be easily decentralized
  3. It generates an ample budget for each country - such no longer "forcing" states to hold or make debt
  4. It generates a compensation and environmental fund for the remediation of contaminated sites - such "healing" the world we currently live in and for future generations
  5. The system as a whole is self-regulating and keeps the money supply and prices stable - such no need for "control instances"
  6. It offers a gentle balance between the hitherto poor countries and the industrial nations and promotes peace (by simply "disabling" the causes).
    So this is the Natural Economy of Life in a nutshell. In the following posts I will show you examples of how this new system will SOLVE the issues before us. So stay tuned.
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