Why is the world as it is?

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With all the wars, conflicts and trouble spots around us, one cannot resist the impression that those responsible are simply fighting symptoms or limiting damage - if at all.
Quite apart from the undesirable developments that are likely to be encouraged, there are also numerous abuses that have arisen despite the best of intentions. The parties involved have behaved "correctly" within the existing system - or rather, in conformity with the system.
The cause lies in the system:
The effects are often devastating. The managing director of an economic group of companies makes good business sense when he is striving to optimize the profits of his company. Politicians also act in accordance with their mandate when trying to represent the interests of their own country. However, if we produce more suffering and environmental degradation than we can cope with in the long term, this suggests that something is wrong with the system as such.
Of course, we here in our latitudes have (and still do) also profited enormously from this system, and we live, at least in material terms, better than most of humanity. But it is becoming increasingly clear that this is to the detriment of other people and not least to the detriment of our entire living conditions. After all, we do not live on an island without a connection to the rest of the world.
Economic bionics provides solutions
Wars, crises, poverty and disasters do not have to be. They have very specific causes. And - as everything in nature - if you delete or initiate the causes, there will be no effect! You simply NEED TO KNOW the causes, to negate the effects. it is as simple as that!
Economic bionics research has uncovered these causes. And even better: it also shows solutions (by simply setting other causes) that are easy to implement. Contrary to common ideas (belt tighter buckles etc.) these solutions are pleasant and serve the advantage of all.
In the next post, I will focus on one of the fundamental errors in the system: the creation of money through debt, how it works and why this contributes to a large extent to the fact that the gap in prosperity is widening.

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