New Steemit User - Quick Question

5년 전

See below screenshot. The post near the top has earnings of .01. In the past I've had amounts show on my articles but it never seems to be deposited in my wallet. Two questions:

  1. Does this indeed indicate I will be paid .01 seven days from now?
  2. If that happens, how do I get it to be added to my wallet?

Thanks for any help anyone can pass along. If this isn't the proper place to post this or there is a resource I could be using please share.

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Hello, @rogermmick.

The amount you earn from your articles is paid out in 7 days time from when it is posted. Currently it looks like you're using the default 50/50 posting option, which means 50% of it will be paid out in Steem Power (your influence level on the platform, which dictates how much your upvotes are worth), and the other 50% will be paid in Steem Dollars.

75% of your earnings are kept by you, and 25% are distributed to those who curated your content, so if a post earns ten cents, it looks something like this:

  • Your take is 7.5 cents, half of which (0.037) will be in SP, and the other half in Steem Dollars.

  • The people who upvoted your content will split the remaining 2.5 cents between them proportionally, with those who sent larger upvotes earning a larger percentage of the remainder. For a ten-cent post voted on by someone at 100% weight, this will work out to be a negligible amount measured in thousandths of Steem Power (0.002 or thereabouts, I'd guess), but you get the idea. Curation is a fabulous way to boost your own Steem Power slowly, so you'll want to take every advantage, but every vote you place diminishes your voting power. You start with 100%, and you restore 20% of that every 24 hours (voting does not cost you anything except this vote weight, so you don't pay Steem Power or anything else when voting). 20% is roughly 10 full-power upvotes, so you basically get ten free 'votes' per day. You have very little SP as a new user, so your votes won't be worth much money, but as you build a following and earn better rewards, your SP will go up, which makes your votes more valuable, which means you earn more curating, and the cycle perpetuates itself. :)

  • Funds are not added to your wallet automatically, but if you click on your Wallet and new rewards are available (either for posting or curating) you'll see a note at the top of what you've earned, and a large box to click on to redeem them. Once you've clicked that and waited a few seconds for the blockchain to process, your account will update and you'll see the results added to your tally. :)

I hope this helps, and I further wish you great success in your Steemit career! :)


Thank you so much for your thorough explanation. I really do appreciate it!

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