Brand N'You Me: Day One

2년 전

Dear Steemians,
I have been getting ready to go out for a walk, and I wanted to put it in writing; it may sound ridiculous on the face of it, but it's a big deal to me and saying it 'out loud', as it were, is making a commitment of sorts. This is more than just a walk, as you may have surmised, but the event with which I am going to launch this Brand N'You Me project, because it is necessary for more then one reason, and if I manage to keep to my newly self-imposed structure which incorporates daily excercise of the outdoor variety, it will mean that I'm managing to keep certain bad habits at bay and am dealing with health issues at the same time.

and decided I'm going to have my lunch now, since it is 1350hrs and then go for my walk after. With that I shall get off my barstool and fetch a three-quarters of a portion of lasagne. I was reminded of the veracity of yet another platitude by my son on Sunday, as I sat at his dining table watching him lookinSo, I've made a couple of playlists to take with me, got myself readyg very convincingly grown up; you know how they say 'you are what you eat'? well, it's true......

to be continued

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