Daily Muse - English and Identity Issues. Part 1

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Ask me to pick a trend I absolutely loathe, it is the way the English language is being appropriated, manipulated an:d (it seems) made up for a variety of reasons, most of them misguided and absolutely unnecessary.
Check out this claim:
Issues of identity and power are playing out in ever new ways online—and generating ever new words for us to document.

Yes, by the sort of people who agree that having over 15 pronouns is acceptable and act as though the most important issue in the world today is to create a language that accommodates every sexual inclination or identity crisis possible.

Look what I just came across...

Non-binary gender can take many forms:
Some do not experience gender (agender, gendervoid).
Some may identify as two or more genders (bi-gender)
Other individuals don't have a fixed gender identity or expression, or experience a range of intensity within them (gender-fluid, genderflux).
Yet others have created more specific terms for their experience (e.g., juxera and proxvir).

Are these people for real? Do they want to be taken seriously or not?

So there are a couple of things:
I would very much like to understand why anybody tolerates such nonsense. Why do they think they are so special? As if they are the only people who need to express their range of intense experiences; as if they are the only people who feel conflicting emotions that make them feel alienated or misunderstood. Unless, this doesn’t represent anyone real, in which case they’re not alienated or misunderstood, just being ridiculed.

The following example gives us a general idea of …. (a few things actually, one being that
this was NOT a concept born of the best biological brain, nor was the expression crafted by some linguistic legend but let’s focus on an example cited by dictionary dot com) … how the phrase “non-binary” gender may be used.

"Then a few years ago, I saw a video from Verity Ritchie, one of my favorite YouTubers, who described ‘ non-binary ‘gender identity as ‘being both a boy and a girl at the same time."

In case they were too busy experiencing the intensity of their special spectrum of emotions, I am taking it upon myself to point out - first, that the phrase non-binary, which literally means anything other than one or two, should not precede anything of which only 2 exist.
But, let’s not be too pedantic, for arguments sake. ‘Non-binary gender’ (in my not especially modest opinion) clearly suggests neither one, nor other sexual identity; in other words neither female nor male.
In English, the pronoun used for anything other than male or female is 'IT' and
as for the classification, the 3 genders are male, female or NEUTER, as in neutral.

For example, I haven't fancied anyone for so long I feel like I’ve become neuter gender.

How did they go from that to describing ‘non-binary gender’ as being both a ‘ boy and girl at the same time? (Probably they meant to elaborate on another proud moment for english vocab. ‘Bi-gender’, for which a couple of pretty good words exist already

Being both a boy and girl at the same time is described as 'ANDROGYNOUS', eg, Ziggy Stardust was 'androgynous' since it is used to describe an individual whose appearance is ambiguous ie. doesn't have any of the pronounced physical characteristics that we rely on to differentiate between the sexes'; so having curved hips and breasts if you're a woman and a muscular build, a pronounced ridge above the eyes or Adam's apple if you are a man.

If you want an alternative, 'HERMAPHRODITE' gives you room for more ‘experience identification’ because not only does it mean the same individual being male and female, but can also be either the lover or the one that is loved.

to be cont.

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