Great Expectations?

10개월 전

In English, For Goodness’ Sake! I
Expect More From Cable, I Really Do.


You may think I’m mocking, but I’m as serious as a heart-attack, which after all, you sometimes think is imminent with some of the things you come across on cable tv, I can vouch for that. But back to language, the English one, that is. Like everything else today, it is coming under attack from all sides and I suppose, when the going gets tough the best course of action is to toughen the hell up. In this instance, we have a responsibility to maintain the best possible english standards across all media platforms, and an obligation to see that they are upheld.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that many of you experienced an involuntary audio pop-up along the lines of “ only the bbc are expected to be perfect, surely”? that manifested in a momentary frown. No, indeed I would not; the fact that the bbc is the standard for excellence in english - the British standard, if you will - is not in any doubt, and it is to the company’s credit when we assume that anything they decide to broadcast is bound to be good. The danger inherent in situations like this is that it can sometimes result in these darling institutions getting away with all-sorts. In this case, giving the green light to projects or programmes which are questionable at all sorts of levels, and at times when culture wars are being fought for all the wrong reasons it is more important than ever.

I want to make it clear that I am not making any veiled accusations against the bbc whatsoever; I love and grew up on British comedy, so the bbc has been making my world a better place for a long time - mostly during the 80s - but it was around before, and is still around today.

Cable tv plays a very significant role in our world today, and it is a mistake to dismiss it. Free pychoanalysis, life-skills, self-improvement. Today the media has the ability to shape and influence minds like never before and this is a serious responsibility. If we don't remind them that we are entitled to good quality and high standards, who will?

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