The Promise Of A New Beginning

2년 전

A New Year, A New Beginning.

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"One faces the future with one's past".
- Pearl S. Buck

We've all heard about people who decide to sever all connections with their past, or anyone associated with it. There are all sorts of reasons why someone might decide to get as far away from their home and family as possible - indeed they often have no choice - but sooner or later they realize that it is impossible to 'cut ties with one's past'. You may as well try and run away from your shadow. It is the decisions we took, choices we made and circumstances that came about as a result, which bring us to the situation we find ourselves in today.

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All our yesterdays prepare us for whatever comes today. Nothing in life is a coincidence; we are somehow put in situations that present us with opportunities and challenges to which we are uniquely suited. Every day offers us different lessons that prepare us for what lies ahead; lessons without which we'd be unable to give our full measure to all that life has in store.


As long as we remember we are in control of our lives, there is no place we can't come back from, and all we need to do is (as corny as this sounds) stand in our truth and be the best version of ourselves possible.


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