An introduction to Z.

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"Z" is me and "me" as in I –am thrilled to have made it here to greet you my fellow steemengines.

This photo was taken by one of my favourite people and best friend [Max Kropitz]( in my studio. I share the studio with another favourite person/boyfriend [Boicut](

This photo was taken by one of my favourite people and best friend Max Kropitz in my studio. I share the studio with another favourite person/boyfriend Boicut.

I find it difficult to talk about myself outside the context of a conversational partner or partners and am properly nervous what you all must think of me. Please allow me to introduce this girl as best I possibly can. The following is an introduction I wrote while back when applying for a grant. Sadly I didn't get the grant but I was left with this brief and honest description of my person :

I have run out of places to hide. I’ve been relocated, displaced, expelled, bureaucratically forgotten, uprooted, dissimilated and disenfranchised. I was born from Iranian parents, then on diplomatic mission in Harare. So along with Persian heritage, British upbringing and Viennese schooling, my passport labels me Iranian. Beyond simple desire to form identity without distinctive or localisable origin, I consider Art and Design fertile ground for social-transformational projects beyond ‘self’– despite, or perhaps thanks to a potential for self-erasure.
I resent having works labeled ‘Iranian’ ‘Austrian’ and I dread the horrendous deadlock of orientalism. I find hope in a kind of pan-European outlook, one which dismisses systemically ingrained categories like ‘immigration’ in favour of ‘utopian’ urgency. The urgency of shared struggle, and aims of civil wellbeing to shatter the stereotypes we all hold concerning migrants; nomads.
With the utmost respect, I have no intention of promoting one or the other institution, through my artistic endeavours. I will exacerbate, intensify, and magnify the turmoil state negligence has put me and many others, a class of people commonly, and all too commonly derided and mislabeled.

Next I'd like to thank my long time friend and spiritual mentor @zeroooc for introducing me to steemit. I had so many questions browsing my first tab. Lucky for me, my boi @zeroooc is excellent at answering dumb questions with the utmost patience.

I can't wait to post one of my projects and rant about it, wich is why I'd wildly appreciate an elementary feedback from my esteemed steemerinos and steemerinas. Whats should my next post feature?

3D or 2D Art?

:) There are no wrong answers.

Z signing off.

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Welcome Zeitgleich! Good luck on Steemit! :)


Cheers dude! Look forward to seeing more from you : )


Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit! :D What a beautiful introduction post, I think there is no more fertile ground for self-transformation than art and design. And as far as labels go, I think you will be more than at home here on Steemit.

We have people from everywhere, with every ethnicity, background, class, race, and whatever else I failed to mention, and in my experience the closest I got to labels were the tags I had to include on my posts.

And hey, I am a White guy, with a French surname, born and bred in Africa... Actually, does that mean I do African art? 😮

As for what to post next, I would say, post something you would enjoy sharing, maybe some art, or some life in general.


All these folks with every ethnicity and background – Thats my jam :) Where in Africa were you born?
I only just posted the next entry and I hope it takes your tips into account. Art and life in general.
Cheers for your warm welcome.


I was born in George, South Africa (If you are in a googling mood). It's a very beautiful, almost (but not quite) coastal town.

I will go have a look. :D I am sure you will enjoy it here, I see you are already on the Steem Artists Discord. (I swear I am not a stalker, I just have Discord open most of the time 😐)


Yes! Its been my first day of orientation. I'm bashfully browsing steemit and a few Discord channels. Stalking noted :) I'm getting a kick out of the nautical terms and want to grow into a narwhal one day :P


Y'll be #shrimps,# fish, #whales and random other #seacreatures: I wanna be a #narwhal!

Hello @zeitgleich welcome to steemit it's really great to know about you I wish you all the luck in this community.... enjoy have a great day ahead

Es freut mich so sehr, dass sich so viele interessante neue members auf steemit finden unter dem Tag #steemit-austria. Ich wünsche Dir Spaß und freue mich auf Deine Beiträge. Welcome!!!!! Thanks super Drupa @zeroooc!!!


Vielen Dank! Ich bin sehr gespannt und werde mich bemühen meine Beiträge unterhaltsam zu gestalten :)

Bienvenida, querida colega :)


Hola soy chico colego??? is that insulting or endearing? I'm not going to google it. Please tell me :) thats more fun.

Welcome! Good luck to you!

Hi Z, welcome to Steemit! :D
How wonderful it is to have you here <3
Can't wait to see all of your creations ^_^

Serwas und herzlich willkommen auf Steemit :) Ich wünsch dir viel Erfolg, aber vor allem Spaß auf dieser Plattform.

Du hast in deinen wenigen Zeilen schon indirekt viel gesagt, du klingst nach einen spannenden und intelligenten Menschen. Schön das diese Community hier solche Personen hervorbringt/anlockt. Ich freue mich jetzt schon darauf mehr von dir bzw. deiner Arbeit zu sehen. Ich würde mich sehr über 3D Art freuen, da das auch ein wenig in die Richtung meines Studiums geht.

LG Tobi

Nice to have you on Steemit. I‘m looking forward to more from you!

Welcome to steemit we appreciate your courage to introduce yourself. You'll get the hang of things pretty fast . Don't overthink your post. Steemians seem to love Authentic writings with a tone.
Just followed you btw!

Follow @Reginablanco if you want 🌻


Thank you for the encouragement and kind words. Shout out to Miami! :)