Weekly redfish and minnow mixer - 100% SBD giveaway

2년 전

Feel like a little fish in a big pond?

Welcome to the weekly meetup just for you.

The purpose of this contest is to meet new people, have exposure for something you created this week, and a chance to win SBD.

Sometimes really cool posts get lost in the flood of posts especially for those of us that are new, don’t have a large following or cannot afford advertising. I would like to give new users a chance to have some of their work viewed by a larger part of the steemit community and also a chance at some SBD both for entering and also commenting. Everyone says comment, comment, comment…


Best post with a #newbieresteemday tag 40% of SBD from this post
Best post by a redfish = 40% of SBD payout from this post
Best comment = 10% of SBD payout from this post ANYONE IS eligible for this award
Redfish interact prize = 10% of SBD payout split up between all redfish that link and comment but don’t win.

To enter the contest:

Post a link to 1 thing you created this week and a quick description about content… the description is not necessary but helps draw people in.
Read a post by at least 2 other contestants and comment on at least one that you really liked or felt motivated to respond to.
To be eligible to win best post you must be a redfish (less than 1000SP)
To win the contest:
The best comment will be decided by myself.
The best post will be awarded based on the number of votes a post receives.
Each comment is worth 1 vote for the post.
Each upvote is worth ½ a vote for a post.

Here is an example:


If we use this example: @tifaong would get 2 votes.
There are 2 upvotes = 1 vote
1 from @williamsyee for the comment = 1 vote

The fine print...

Contest closes a week from today, the sooner you post the more likely you are to get more votes.
An upvote is not required to join this contest but, as the prize is a % of the SBD payout it is encouraged that you upvote and resteem to increase the prize payout.
Payout will be within 24 hours of this posts expiration and will be announced in a winners post.
I reserve the right to refuse payment and award prize to someone else if you are caught buying votes.
Here is a link to last weeks if you need an idea of how we play.

Please do not add bots that COMMENT to this post as it distracts from what we are doing.
Check out #newbiegames for other contests just for you.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Lets try this again! Thanks for the opportunity! :)
A beautiful Spring like day in Texas... Come on a little journey through my backyard!


You had me at goat.


LOL! Thanks for giving it a look! :D

The contest by @luanne made me re-think my Steemit dream. I do not plan to leave my Steemit dream as a dream, but as an ambition. When I first joined, my dream in Steemit is To earn as much as possible but now this has changed totally, thanks to all the support I've got from fellow kind Steemians.

What is your Steemit Dream?



I really enjoyed reading your post @tifaong :) I myself am not very structured in my approach to Steemit, but your post made me consider how I work with Steemit and what I want to achieve. It may not become public, but I think I should sit down and craft a plan for myself. Setting some goals. Thanks for sharing yours. :)


Hi @lil-mich, thank you for taking your time to read.

You're at a good start by asking yourself what you want to achieve in Steemit. I've looked through you profile and I think you can educate Steemians with your specialty, making/crafting things or hacks in our daily lives.

Keep doing that, I'm interested to learn more from you :)

Thank you for this opportunity. :)
Perhaps not mainstream, but I made a post this week, a tutorial if you like, on how to make your very own sunhat - using secondhand materials. So it's about how you can reduce consumption, reuse things already in your house, but most of all, have some fun and feel the satisfaction of making something for yourself, rather than just buying something for yourself.
My post can be seen here


I loved it! A great DIY tutorial on how to make a hat! Its came out great! :)


Those hats look really nice and unique, especially using recycle materials. Hopefully one day you will become professional in DIY hatter :)


Thank you @williamsyee :) I am all for recycling and making stuff rather than just always buying what we need. It saves on the environment AND it is heaps more fun :)


Nice DIY it helps a lot of people to be creative.


thank you @frellarong :) I hope it inspired someone to make something nice for themselves :)


That would be cool. If I wore hats. I will pass it on to my mom though. She loves to make things for the family.


Thank you for the generous donation @profanereviews! It is appreciated and of course it was meaningful. Every donation is worth more than just the donation, I understand that and am grateful for you! Have a good day!

ps.. we are now over 1500 SP to help them out... Collectively we are making something together!


No worries. It's not going to be worth anything if that stuff doesn't stop, and all it's cost me is time. I'll try to think of other ways to help as well. Call on me if I can help.

Thank you for another week sbd giveaway @royaleagle! My entry for this week would be - A day well spent by volunteering myself in a night market.



Volunteering for the youth is realy kind of you. If they're so smart in not selling the things, what you did to make sure that they do their job?


Thank you. I didn't anything much, I just ask them your team members are selling over there, why don't you help them? Well, they did help their team members for a while and fallback to sit at the stall and start poke phone again. :/


Wow, I guess they're quite stubborn. Maybe they are forced to sell or they just don't care?
If I were you, I wouldn't know what to do either. Perhaps by motivating them would work.


I am always happy whenever i see individual sacrifice their time for volunteering. It helps grow love and bond in the community. I feel so inspired by this. What does YEP mean?


Hi @factism, YEP stands for Youth Entrepreneurship Program. In fact, it is very inspiring when I first volunteer myself in their previous program. Hence, I'm going to commit myself to do more volunteering activity :)


Thank you for the explanation. It a good way of you contributing your quota to the development of your society. Keep it up!


woww!! such a nice one.. guess that Sunday was something else ..
you guys did a great job.. at least is a great way of bringing in youths to get them selves involved with one or two things that will boost them in future..
its a wonderful and you gat a nice post there too..
keep it up brother ...


@juliangold, thank you! yupe at least those youth will have some survival skills in the real world and they are able to pay the bill on their table. :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful contest.. you have really change my life with it ... i have told all my friends and my community about this, and they will soon.. your such a wonderful person and i appreciate all that your doing to bring up newbies here on steemit...
thank you so much..



Interesting blog post, I am fascinated by aliens and thought your write up was pretty decent. I have to disagree with your final point though, there are totally aliens! With the vastness of space the odds that we are the only sentient life are non-existent. Whether or not they have visited earth is arguable though.

Thank you for opening up a chance for us to help each other grow here @ royaleagle. @williamsyee post really inspired me. I am always happy when people contribute to the development of a community.

My entry for this week is a post i made on my charity project for the less privileged children in orphanages. I also use the post to seek support from kind heart steemian for these wonderful future stars

It can be read here https://steemit.com/charity/@factism/road-map-to-giving-back-to-the-society-s-less-privileged


What an awesome thing for you to do! I know these children appreciate everything you and your friends are doing for them. Keep up the good work! Upvoted and resteemed original post for support!


Than you so much for your support. It gives me joy when they smile. I appreciate

Hey everybody. The snow has finally stopped and I'm back in action. I wrote this piece of beautiful literature and photography for you all to peruse.

Thanks to @royaleagle for hosting this contest.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity..
i dont know how to express my feelings towards the good work and wonderful contest you have been putting up for newbies and those who want to grow on steemit...
you have change so many lives.. including myself...
thanks so much for everything... in fact am bring in my community to join our in the contest.. and i will also tell all my friends about you and the amazing things your doing to bring us all up and standing..
thanks for everything....


Thanks @royaleagle for this project :) Here's my entry, this is an poetry hope you drop by :)


what a nice poetry you gat there..
it melt my heart as i read it..
nice one .. keep it up

Good job, man. Way to get the word out there. Newbies unite! :)