|| A Furry Adventure || Chapter 2

3년 전

Author- My little sis, age 9
Illustrated By - @pandabear

Chapter Two

As I arrived at our First destination, White Rock Castle, I wondered where I could find Snowy. I tried asking the villagers but they just kept scratching my head. Not that I didn’t like it, but they weren’t being very helpful. When I finally got to the castle, I looked up into a window and saw a skinny white cat. And it seemed like the skinny white cat saw me. Apparently the window was open. Then a familiar voice came out. “Hey Tippy! What are you doing here?” called the voice. It took me a second to realize that the voice came from the cat in the window. “Snowy? Is that you?” I called back. Luckily, no humans could hear us because only our loyals could do that, with a magical incantation. “Why are you in the castle?” I asked. Last time I visited her, she lived out on the streets. Did she sneak in? “I live here now! But what are you doing here?” She asked again.

Soon she would get her answer. I told her the whole story, and she was obviously touched by it. She always was sensitive. “That’s horrible! What can I do to help?” She wailed. It sounded like she had tears in her eyes. This was serious, but not that serious! “Don’t worry, Snowy! But you do have to come with me to gather our friends.” I explained. I watched carefully as she slipped out the window gracefully and landed on her feet. “Then we haven’t a moment to loose” She declared. I agreed and we carefully climbed up the castle gates on a new journey.

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A big Thanks! to @penderis for doing all the cool computery thingys for me!😛😉😂

Your illustrated story is coming along quite nicely. I will try to drop in for part 3 when it is ready.

The team is growing nicely, Tippy and Snowy journeying to greatness!

I tried asking the villagers but they just kept scratching my head. Not that I didn’t like it, but they weren’t being very helpful.

Maybe Tippy was just saying this as an excuse, seeing as the humans could not hear the words ? he/she knows that most humans will be baffled by this kitty and I think was maybe lucky the villagers were nice enough to scratch its head :)

The story is coming along well , maybe before payout just add a link to the previous one so it can be found easily, and maybe if you post the next chapter you can add a link to the next one and it will be nice and simple to start with one chapter and keep going to the next :)

Thank you for the tag @panda.bear , the drawings are really fun to crop for you as they are already amazing it is like no effort at all to get them prepared for upload. I like no-effort :)

Keep up the great work you two, I do think you can replace the kids tag with something else maybe #teamgood I am sure @battleaxe might not mind @buddyup 's honorary kids members using the tag for their great story.

:) 👍👍👍👍👍👍


Thanks @penderis! Tippy is a she. I realize that might have confused people!😁 Thank you again for cropping my pictures for me.

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