Hello Steemians, Let me introduce myself ...


If dust bunny corners and dog slobbered windows could describe my view of the world, it might actually be accurate. Hello Steemit Community. My name is Grace Shen and I live with 10 snow dogs. “Snow dogs” emphasized since that means lots of hair creating these lovely dust bunnies in the house with their own ecosystem of collecting other debris to make larger and more interesting bunnies.

I am 47 years young (have to stay young to walk and run with the snow dogs of course) and have always loved to use writing as an outlet for expression and soul searching. I love all animals and have been involved with education and action with animal welfare issues and related environmental movements. I recently had my floors redone and the workers left a mess of vinyl dust and fragments all over the garden, and the phrase came to me to “treat the outside as the inside,” for both are our homes. I think if people adopted that intent, the Earth would be in a much better place!

I am also involved with yoga, hiking, healthy food, and am in the active phase of writing a musical….songs, dialogue, and stage settings. I currently work as a Physical Therapist for a home health company and enjoy meeting people in their own spaces. I have also delved into Feng Shui, so going to people’s homes helps me know so much more about them.

I am excited to be part of a community that is so creatively expressive and fun. My friends joined recently and Steemit has certainly become a large part of their lives and extended family.

Looking forward to Steeming ahead with creative ventures!

1510365_447367798724007_1057096965_n-1.jpg Grace

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Welcome to Steemit! I found your post through @youhavewings. This is a great intro post and really makes us as the readers interested in reading more! You have a ton of popular topics for you to write about.

Steemit can be a little tough at first but with the dedication, I think you will do great. You are a great person to have join us on Steemit. Always remember to have fun around here and never give up.


Thank you for the encouragement and support! Love your posting name.

Welcome to steemit, @gracefulhearts! What a fabulous intro and I love your interests - we have much in common ;)

I hope to see you posting more and look forward to what you have to share. I think you will really enjoy and love steemit and the community here and flourish with all your many talents.

I don't know if you're on discord yet but this is where you can find groups with your interests. I can help you with this (or anything regarding steemit) - I know it is a little overwhelming just starting out.

Have a great weekend!


Looking forward to being in this creative community with you, and thankful for all your help on this journey.


I would love your help on the first post I have planned too.


Can you possibly get on Discord, @gracefulhearts? It will be easier to help you through this medium. Discord will be very helpful in the future, too as you learn and grow on Steemit :)


Welcome to Steemit @gracefulhearts! Hope you connect with lots of people here, there is a lot of wonderful community . Some amazing posts from people sharing a wide array of knowledge. It sounds like you will have a lot to contribute too. Where abouts are you from with the snow dogs?


I currently live near Asheville NC and am thinking of moving to a more snow country area...perhaps Vermont? Thanks for your response!


You probably will get a lot more snow in Vermont than North Carolina! We get lots up here in Saskatchewan, Canada. In fact the area that I live in was opened up first through the water systems and travel was by dog sled in the winter. We own a big German Shepard - my protector!

Welcome to Steemit Grace.


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Welcome to steemit, waiting for your snow dogs stories~
Feel free to join the @dpet, and show your dogs nice photos in #dailypetphotography😎😎


Thanks, will do!

Lovely introduction @gracefulhearts another person who loves animals and environment, look forward to your future content.

Found you via @youhavewings in @qurator have a wonderful week.


Thank you Joan! Hope you enjoyed your week as well.

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Thanks for the award! Already having fun being in this creative community.

Welcome to steemit. Enjoy and keep on steeming. Dont give up, never @gracefulhearts. Welcome to #SteemSchools. We WIN Together. Nice to meet you. ☺


Nice to meet you too. Thank you!


Youre welcome. Enjoy and keep steeming!

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Thanks for the info and advice. Lots to learn here and thankful for all the support.

Hello @gracefulhearts. Welcome to Steemit community!!!


Thank you!

Hi Dear, Welcome to the amazing world of Writing and Sharing . Make sure to post only Original content, In case of any question feel free to drop in to me...Have a Blessed & Happy Stay.....Steem on !!


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Thank you!

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Great intro post @gracefulhearts! Thanks for joining Steemit! I am @gogogadgetupvote and I found your intro post thanks to a link that @youhavewings sent me in my "Introduceyourself Post" Bounty!
I would love to see more pictures of all of the dogs. 10 is a lot of big puppies! I would also like to see pics of these interesting "Dust Balls". LOL
I have upvoted and resteemed your intro, as well as given you a follow! Be sure to check out my contest post I linked, there are several useful articles linked at the bottom for new users!


Thanks! love your posting name...very catchy. I will check things out...so much to do here!

You are lovely and smart and cute dog.


Thank you!

Welcome! I hope you enjoy Steemit, it is a great place to play with creative expression of all forms. I also found you through @youhavewings and the Information Finding Championship.

Asheville is a beautiful place.


Thanks for the welcome! Looking forward to reading and connecting with all the creativity from people all over the world with varied backgrounds and experiences.

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