Differences in life

4년 전

Prayer gives strength to the weak, makes the unbeliever believe and gives courage to the frightened.

Do not despair. But if you come to a state of despair, fight on even in desperation.
The world is like a vast ocean, and we are sailing ships that have sunken ships in it. But if the cargo of our ship is faith, and the screen is piety, rest assured that we will never get lost in the marine life.

In human society there are bitches, but in animal societies there is not a bitch.

True friends are those who can stay by your side when you need a backrest, even though they are better able to be somewhere more enjoyable.

The wounded heart is like a crooked iron, though it has been knocked, it is difficult to return to its original form.

A useful life is a life that, when dusk is coming, firewood is available for the coming night.

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