Request to Join MAP & AAKOM by @omitaylor

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Intellectual property of the author removed by the author (me) on 4/22/2021 for the sake of removing any visible blogs on the surface of the condenser interface. Here, I once upon a time publicly shared information like a regular blog but I wish to remove my family photos from the internet. Thank you for your continued love over the years. I will post my poetry, photography, and other work that doesn't include my children.

If you really want to see the old post, feel free to explore the block explorer. xoxo

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Though I’ve looked into it a bit for this comment, like @tcpolymath I’m not too clued up on the accelerator project. Like him, though, I’ve seen plenty of evidence of what Omi is doing on Steemit and in my short time have developed a high regard for both her energetic commitment to all she does here, and to her sheer competence - both of which border on the scary. Incredibly pro-active, she seems to be more concerned with others’ advancement than her own, while the posts linked to above give some idea of how much she has set in motion and already achieved in so short a time, despite the other commitments she refers to. Really Steemit could do with two of her: one to post as frequently as she wants to, another to do all this other stuff that is so essential if this platform is to become the great thing it has the potential to be.

This is a no-brainer. Vote early, vote often, Vote Omi!


🙏 Humbled by your thoughtful recommendation @gussiefinknottle. Thank you. ♥️


Very welcome ... only speaking as I find.


I was mildly disappointed when I went to your account and found only retweets, instead of what I was hoping for, which was posts about newts. I think we need more posts about newts around here.


I can only apologize. I'm nearly but not quite ready to get going in earnest, my plan being to work up a little stockpile before starting to post so that when I do so I'll have a better chance of keeping them coming daily or as near to it as I can manage. Nothing on newts was planned but of course now must be. Can't let the side down, what what?

Hi, thanks for the request - and you must thank all your supporters!
Please come and have a quick chat at our new requests chatroom:
See you there!

I don't know anything about the accelerator project, but I'm pretty confident that Omi will be an asset to just about anything. I've very quickly become a big fan.

She's multitalented, analytical, one of the best comment-writers on the site, great in the Helpie Discord, has a high level of self-awareness, consistently supports other posters.... I'm sure I could make the list longer were I awake.

Do not miss out on this one.


Thank you very much for your recommendation @tcpolymath 🙏

Yes, I think you would be a great addition to the mapsters community. I keep forgetting to write my aakom topics, but I have a bunch of sories I want to share. It'll be fun to have your insight on those.


Thank you for your recommendation ♥️ I would love to read some of them. I love all mental gymnastics genres. :) Big fan. Will check out more of your work this afternoon. I only think I've read a few of your blogs.


Cool, no worries :) Sometimes I binge read or binge watch too.

Good luck Omi. Some code oriented posts would be appreciated by at least one of your followers. ;)


Super interested as well. My time has just been getting thinner as my kids are down to half day prior to summer vacation. During summer they're home so even less time. Then I tend to be full throttle in my business (and only) when they return in the fall, winter, and spring. ♥️ I'm not going anywhere, ebb and flow.

Very excellent acceleratorpost Thanks for the sharing post


Thank you for reading it and thanks for your comment and support.♥️

When you are not momming, lol, which is like never ever, you are gardening, but that is good, because gardens are the best.