Flew in the Los Angeles supermarket, enter the shooter grosary store

2년 전

In the US Los Angeles's supermarket, a gunman started stirring and started firing. The police surrounded the area. At the moment, the gunman is in Los Angeles's supermarket, in the business of Joey's grosary store. Tweeted by the Los Angeles Police Department,pexels-photo-1005638.jpeg informing the gunmen about the presence of the gunman in Trade Joe.

It is being told that the gunman first shot an elderly woman and the girl. After this, his encounter with the police and he started running away. When the police followed him, he fired on the police and fled and entered the grocery store. After this the police has surrounded the area completely. There are a large number of people present in Trader Joe, who are being allowed to go out on their hands.

American President Donald Trump is also closely watching this incident. He tweeted it and gave it its info. Trump also said that the Los Angeles Police Department is working with the Federal Law Enforcement to cope with the condition. There is a mortgage like situation in the trader Joey.

A large number of security forces are present at the scene. Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman David Ortiz said that there were 18 ambulances and more than 100 fire brigade personnel in the area. In recent days, many firing incidents have been reported in the US. Many people have died in these incidents. Earlier on June 4, a suspicious woman fired at the marathon race in California's San Diego.

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