'Robocop' helps police in Hungary

3년 전

A garrulous little robot has been enrolled by police in Hungary to assist get an electric jar to introductions schools and retired person clubs. 

"Greetings kids!" said robot "Robi" to a class of elementary school kids in Szolnok, 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Budapest. 

"A few things you should be watchful with when utilizing the internet..." he proceeded in a tinny voice. 

Around 40 centimeters tall and 20 wide (16 by eight inches), and weighing 1.6 kilograms (3.5 pounds), Robi's 16-section body remained on a table, motioning as he talks. 

"It snatches the consideration progressively if a robot is talking," Robi's developer Csaba Erdos, a police instructive educator, told AFP. "It's another method for imparting and displaying," he said. 

Robi has been operational in the Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok district since May, and Erdos, 38, said there are plans to have comparative robots hopping vigorously soon around the nation. 

Most weeks Erdos takes Robi with him to help at introductions to schoolkids and elderly individuals on topics like wrongdoing avoidance, computerized security and street wellbeing. 

Amid a break to energize - following 30 minutes of talking Robi required more power - one kid at the Tiszaparti school disclosed to AFP that he hadn't seen a talking robot some time recently, aside from in the "Transformers" toon. 

"His voice required a long time to get used to however I cherished it, he was exceptionally cunning," said 10-year-old Milan Markus. 

After the discussion, the youngsters chuckled as they all attempted to reflect his robot moves. 

At times Robi additionally welcomes journalists at question and answer sessions, where he gives counsel on the best way to maintain a strategic distance from wrongdoings like break-ins. 

He can much answer questions, "as long as they are pre-modified," said Erdos. 

Donning a police logo on his chest, the cordial Robi can likewise help cause confide in the police, Erdos said. 

"Robots can be a power for good, aiding and supporting individuals, as opposed to supplanting or debilitating them, as they are here and there depicted in films, he said.

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