Women in police drag in short dress

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A new police squad has been dropped in a city in Lebanon to control tourist attractions and traffic conditions. The controversy has raised the clothing of the women police members. Many people criticize as they are working after black dress and black shorts. But there are also many people on this side. Women police officers like this are comfortable in this dress.


The city mayor of the city of Lebanon visited the streets of Brahmana with black shorts. Their aim is to control the traffic system. But the main purpose is to attract tourists. But the controversy has sparked controversy over women police men wearing black shorts for tourist attraction in the streets. Many have complained about social media. As a result, women police were insulted. Some people call this dress as sexually explicit, saying that the young policeman is causing sexual discrimination to attract tourists to tourists.

In the face of various criticisms, Brahma's city mayor Pierre Achkar has explained himself in this behalf. He told ART, 90 percent of the tourists visiting the countries of the Mediterranean region wandered after half pants. Mayor hopes, this new squad of police personnel will increase the city tourists. Lebanon can also be projected in the world.

Pierre Achkar said, 'We want to bring change in Lebanon. We want our country to come out of the black list in the western world. "

In social media, many women criticize women police members in such a way as to attract tourists. They say that this will spread the wrong message among the people. However, many of them have argued themselves in social media.

Samata Saad, a newly recruited female police member in mixed reaction, said he was enjoying his new profession and work. He said, "We have come to work with enthusiasm. We are working on interest. Every summer we will do our work. '

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