Steemit Reveals Transformational New Product Design at SteemFest 2

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Steemit, the first and largest blockchain-based social network, revealed new name changes and redesigned its website and mobile application at the second annual SteemFest. Back after the inaugural edition in Amsterdam, the SteemFest year took over in Lisbon with two days of conferences, several social events, a hackathon, and more. At SteemFest, the Steemit Team discusses new open source software being released to increase the value and utility of Steem Blockchain including AppBase, which will make Steem blockchain the first modular blockchain; Jussi, the caching layer that will sit between the web interface and the Steem blockchain to simplify the process of large volumes of API requests; new cellular wallet; and much more.

Ned Scott, CEO and Founder of Steemit, said: "We have experienced tremendous growth since or launched last year and Blockchain Steem is now one of the most scalable and efficient blockchain in the industry. We are no longer 'new kids on the blockchain' and the Steemit team has developed into an increasingly large, measurable and constantly productive organization. The new look and feel of our application and website is better for users and signs of Steemit development that have been proven since the beginning. "

To signal graduation into the next Steemit evolution, the website gets its own logo and color scheme to distinguish it from the logo and color scheme from the blockchain Steem. The logo will be updated into a picture of two overlapping chat bubbles, which more accurately illustrates that Steemit is a friendly, green communication platform that describes the monetary aspects of the platform. The user interface will also experience a modern overhaul to provide the appropriate level of conformity and completion that users expect from serious web applications.

Scott said: "Steemit's flagship product,, is one of several web interfaces for existing blockchain and of course the ones with the most users. We have been operating for more than a year, distributing millions of dollars in STEEM to people who use Steem's unique brain algorithm to get rewards for posting content, commenting, and curating content. Outside Steemit, we have introduced Smart Media Tokens (SMT) that allows individual organizations and companies to integrate customized and smart token systems into their websites, portals or platforms, and we will continue to push what envelopes are possible for technology blockchain and digital media. "

The design of the Steemit mobile app will also be consistent with the updated brand changes and design of This will be a world-class mobile crypto wallet that will be the easiest and safest way to access your Steem wallet, send and receive STEEM, increase power, turn off, view account history, and more. The mobile application will make it simple and efficient for 400,000+ accounts to use STEEM they get from blogging, commenting, and curating, to pay for each other or pay vendors who can also use the application to receive STEEM for goods and services.

Steemit also introduced Devportal which will help set STEEM as one of the superior blockchain protocols by making it easier for developers to start using it to build powerful applications. Many applications have used the Blockchain Steem to generate revenue and improve userbases, and Devportal has been archived to further improve the convenience and utility of development in Steem.

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